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Leave the room.. outside!

EXIT Backstop sport nets
are perfect ball catchers
for the garden!

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EXIT Backstop Net

The EXIT Backstop nets are the ideal ball catchers for your garden. Does the ball sometimes break your flower boxes, ruin your plants or hit spectators? With the EXIT Backstop nets, this is history. In addition, it is handy for the kids not to constantly run after the ball to retrieve it, because it stays in the playing field.

Suitable for all gardens

The nets come in various formats; they can be set up at an angle and are therefore suitable for big and small gardens or on sport fields. No problem hitting a ball hard against the net! The net stands firmly on the grass by means of three horizontal feet that are fixed to the ground using pins and a ground anchor.

Sleek design

The frame of the net made of galvanised and coated metal. The poles are very lightweight so that you can easily dismantle the frame by using the click system. The black colour of the net combined with the black frame makes is less obtrusive so that the EXIT Backstop Net will certainly fit in with your garden.

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