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Frequently asked questions
What is the best sand for a sandbox?

Sand for a sandbox is available; it’s also known as play sand. The sand is sieved and rinsed, has a fine grain and therefore perfect for children to play in.

Do you already have sand at home? Check the following points:

  • Is the sand sticky? With sand that is too loose, children cannot build sand castles and that takes away from the fun of playing in the sandbox!
  • Is there any clay in the sand? Clay dirties the knees and creates brown stains on clothing.
  • Are there no sharp pieces in the sand? If there are pieces of rubble in the sand, children can get bruised.
How much sand fits into my EXIT sandbox?

We advise you to fill 75% of the sandbox. This is to prevent surplus sand from winding up outside of the sandbox. In the product specification of the sandboxes, you will find the number of kilos sand suitable for your EXIT sandbox. Below is a list of kilograms for sandboxes:

EXIT Aksent sandbox                            45 kg
EXIT Aksent sandbox with benches     440 kg

Water remains in my EXIT sandbox. What can I do about it?

If water remains in the sandbox, the problem might be that the sandbox does not discharge the water effectively. This might be related to the substrate. In any case, we recommend not placing the sandbox in the middle of a 100x100 concrete tile or on a terrace with cement joints.

In addition, the cover of the sandbox does not keep the sand dry. Actually, our covers are not watertight, which keeps the sandbox sufficiently ventilated and prevents the formation of mould.