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Frequently asked questions
Is there enough room under the EXIT swimming pool dome?
Is there enough room under the EXIT swimming pool dome?

There is plenty of room to move about under the dome. Due to its shape, the dome’s highest point is in the middle. In the EXIT 400x200cm swimming pool, this is 181 cm high. In swimming pools of 540x250cm, the dome is 220 cm high in the middle. So you can enjoy throwing a ball and you can even stand upright under it in many instances!

If you want to swim while the dome is closed, then we advise you to remove the sides of the dome in order to get enough fresh air. Furthermore, you can always roll up the windows. You roll them up and fasten them with Velcro - very fast and simple!

See the video of the EXIT swimming pool with dome in order to get an idea of the height of the dome.