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Frequently asked questions
There is a hole in my swimming pool. What can I do about it?
There is a hole in my swimming pool. What can I do about it?

The EXIT swimming pools are tested multiple times and are strong enough to withstand a bump. Nevertheless, a hole may occur in the lining due to a sharp object on the ground. Together with the swimming pool, we also supply you with a liner repair kit. This is an adhesive set consisting of transparent adhesive strips and a piece of liner for larger repairs. The easiest method is to apply the liner when the pool is dry. Is the swimming pool completely full when you discover a hole? No problem! You can also use this adhesive set underwater.

How do I seal small holes in the liner?

1. Use the transparent adhesive strips and cut them to the desired size.
2. Dry and clean well the area around the hole.
3. Seal the hole with the adhesive strips. For additional strength, you can seal the hole from the inner and outer side.
4. Press the adhesive strips well so that they stay firmly glued.