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EXIT pH-min powder 1kg

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EXIT pH-min powder 1kg
EXIT pH-min powder 1kg

EXIT pH-min powder 1kg

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EXIT pH-min powder 1kg

The EXIT pH-min powder for swimming pools and spas decreases the pH-value of the pool water. The pH-value of the water is important for the chlorine products to do their work well. When the pH-value is high algae and calcium deposits are more likely to appear in which case it is necessary to add pH-min powder to the water. With the EXIT pH-min powder at your disposal, nice clean swimming pool water is guaranteed all summer long.

For optimal results we advise you not to add the powder directly to the water, but instead mix it in a bucket with lukewarm water first.

Standard included

  • 1 kilogram of pH-min powder

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Swimming pool accessories, Spa accessories



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2 kg

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10 x 10 x 19
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