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  • EXIT swimming pool chlorine tablets 1 kg - 20 grams

EXIT swimming pool chlorine tablets 1 kg - 20 grams

EXIT swimming pool chlorine tabletsEXIT swimming pool chlorine tablets
EXIT swimming pool chlorine tablets
EXIT swimming pool chlorine tablets

EXIT swimming pool chlorine tablets 1 kg - 20 grams

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  • Disinfectant
  • Enough to last the whole season
  • Suitable for putting in chlorine dispensers
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EXIT swimming pool chlorine tablets 1 kg - 20 grams

The EXIT swimming pool chlorine tablets are perfect for keeping your swimming pool nice and clean. The tablets disinfect the pool water and ensure that bacteria, moulds and algae don’t get the chance to settle in the swimming pool. One container of chlorine tablets is enough for the entire season.

Add chlorine tablets evenly to the swimming pool water with a chlorine dispenser from EXIT Toys. The chlorine dispenser will remain afloat in the water and has an adjustable turnable knob with which you can regulate the dosage of the chlorine. We advise you to refill the chlorine after about five days. This way there will always be sufficient disinfectant released in the water so you can always enjoy clean swimming pool water.

Standard included

  • 1 kilogram is 20 grams chlorine tablets

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Swimming pool accessories
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Requires assembly
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