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Leave the room.. outside!

A day filled with pool fun with
the entire family? Then,
the rectangular pools are
exactly what you need!

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EXIT rectangular swimming pools

Hours of fun in the pool with family or all your friends? With the rectangular framed swimming pool from EXIT Toys in your garden you never have to leave your home for a refreshing swim. The rectangular swimming pools always come with an included water circulation system and a pool ladder. Are you looking for a high quality and unique framed swimming pool? Check out our range of rectangular framed pools.

Unique swimming pools

The special thing about our rectangular swimming pools is that they are large, yet they don’t stand out too much in the garden. The natural stone- or wood pattern and the black frame of the swimming pool create a serene look in your garden. To add to that, the pools also have an extra thick frame of 50 mm, so that the swimming pool will always stay in place and have a longer life span. So what are you waiting for? Time for a fun pool party in the large and sturdy framed swimming pools from EXIT Toys!

Keeps the water moving

You can choose between two different kinds of water circulation systems for the rectangular pools from EXIT Toys, either a cartridge filter pump or a sand filter pump. The (sand)filter pump prevents the water from becoming polluted by leaves, insects or sand. The high quality pumps also keeps the water in motion, so that it will stay nice and clean and you can enjoy extra hours of fun in the pool.

Complete the swimming pool

Do you also want to enjoy using your pool in less summery weather? Turn your swimming pool into a real paradise with the exclusive EXIT dome. This high quality and spacious swimming pool dome is easy to open and close and will offer you pool fun whatever the weather. In addition to this EXIT Toys offers several extra accessories for your pool , like a pool cover and filter cartridges for the filter pumps, test strips, a chlorine dispenser and a maintenance kit. When you choose the rectangular swimming pools EXIT Toys, you will be rewarded with endless hours of pool fun in your very own garden!

More information? Call, mail or chat with us!

Do you have additional questions about the rectangular pools of EXIT Toys or do you want more information? Contact us via chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to We will contact you within 24 hours!