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Does an EXIT swimming pool cover fit on my pool?
04 June 2019

Does an EXIT swimming pool cover fit on my pool?

Do you already have a frame swimming pool in your garden, and do you also want a cool swimming pool cover from EXIT Toys on your pool? Good news: the pool covers are also available separately from us. Are you curious if an EXIT swimming pool cover fits on your pool? Read on:

Swimming fun for the whole summer

The EXIT Toys swimming pool cover is a real upgrade for your pool. Thanks to the cover, you can take a wonderful dive even in less than perfect weather: under the transparent dome, there is no rain or wind and the water stays nice and warm – because the heat from the sun is retained under the cover. And then it suddenly becomes radiant again? Simply open up the cover and swim outdoors again in no time.


In addition, the pool cover has another advantage: close the cover as soon as you are out of the pool and dirt from outside in your pool is a thing of the past! Ideal for keeping the water clean.

An upgrade for your EXIT swimming pool

At EXIT Toys we sell the same swimming pools both with and without a cover. Do you already have an EXIT Toys frame swimming pool without a cover and would you still like to have a pool cover on it? You can! On our website you will find the matching cover for all EXIT frame swimming pools, which you can easily re-order. In no time at all you can put the cover on your EXIT swimming pool and transform it into a real indoor pool.

An EXIT swimming pool cover on another pool

Do you have a pool from another brand and would you also like a unique EXIT swimming pool cover on your pool? It could be that a swimming pool cover from EXIT Toys fits on your pool. Please note: this only applies to our round pool covers. The rectangular pool covers only fit the rectangular swimming pools from EXIT Toys.


It is important that your round swimming pool is a frame pool and that it has no other construction such as a steel wall swimming pool. The covers are made in such a way that you mount them on the tubes of the swimming pool frame. Do you own a round swimming pool with a frame? Time to grab the tape measure and find out if the cover really fits your swimming pool! Observe the following dimensions:

What sizes does my round swimming pool need to be for an EXIT cover?

To see if the EXIT swimming pool cover does indeed fit on your round frame pool, first look at the entire diameter of the pool. Our round swimming pool covers come in sizes 300cm and 360cm, but are fortunately very flexible: the small cover fits on pools with a diameter between 300 and 310 centimetres and the large cover fits on pools with a diameter between 360 and 370 centimetres.


In addition to the diameter of the entire swimming pool, the tube thickness of your pool's frame is important. As you can see in the pictures below, the round EXIT Toys covers fit on swimming pools with legs no thicker than 40 millimetres in diameter and the top rail no more than 50 millimetres in diameter. Measure the frame of your swimming pool carefully before you order the cover! Does your swimming pool meet all these requirements and is the pool also between 50 and 130 centimetres high? Then you're lucky: the EXIT cover fits on your round frame swimming pool.


Order the EXIT pool swimming cover on our website and complete your frame pool. With a cover from EXIT Toys on your swimming pool it will be a dazzling summer anyway! View our range of swimming pool covers.

What to know more? Call, email or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about our pool covers and whether they fit your swimming pool? Please let us know! Contact us via chat, call us at +31 314 - 796 020 or email us at We will be jumping with joy to help you!

Does an EXIT swimming pool cover fit on my pool?
Does an EXIT swimming pool cover fit on my pool?
Does an EXIT swimming pool cover fit on my pool?
Written by: Merle