Fun games to play on your trampoline
16 februari 2023

Fun games to play on your trampoline

Of course, bouncing on the trampoline is a party in itself, but did you know that there are many other games to think of and to vary between when playing on your trampoline? EXIT Toys has lined up some fun trampoline games for you. Which one is your favourite?

Jumping challenges

Start a real jumping challenge with your friends, brothers, or sisters. Who makes the most beautiful jump? Or the highest, or the craziest? Make sure that an independent jury judges your jumps. A nice challenge for example would be: ‘Who can think of three crazy jumps in a row?’ Skills and being able to switch fast are particularly important in this! Going for the highest jump? Then the jump meter on the PeakPro trampoline will come in handy.

Fun games to play on your trampoline

Throw, catch and jump

Have you ever jumped on a trampoline and played catch with someone standing next to it? This is an incredibly fun version of playing catch. The person who’s jumping on the trampoline can make the best goalkeeper dives and the highest smashes. Are you the one standing next to the trampoline, then your skill should be to throw the ball as high as possible: especially when the trampoline has a safety net and sits on legs. In addition, the safety net can also function as a volleyball net. With this game you bring your volleyball skills to the next level.

Fun games to play on your trampoline

Playing charades while jumping

Picturing something while floating in the air: difficult, but so much fun! With this game you portray something while you’re bouncing and the person next to the trampoline must guess what it is. Is the theme animals? Then portray a bird for as long as necessary until they’ve guessed it. The less jumps this takes, the better. Play this game against each other and in the end, add up all the jumps: the one with the least jumps in total is the winner.

Fun games to play on your trampoline

Trampoline Twister

Do you know the game of Twister? Another fun game to play on your trampoline. Use pavement chalk to divide the trampoline into six sections and give each section a number from 1 to 6. Appoint a game leader who stands next to the trampoline. This game leader throws two dices. The first dice indicates which number you must jump on, the second dice indicates how. For example:

Number 1: Jump on both feet
Number 2: Jump on your knees
Number 3: Jump on your bum
Number 4: Jump backwards
Number 5: Make a star jump
Number 6: Jump like a frog

Example: If you throw a one with the first dice and a three with the second dice, then you must land in section one with your bum! Which other game rules can you think of with a game of Trampoline Twister?

Water fun on the trampoline

On a hot Summer’s day, the trampoline’s a lovely place to cool off on! Put on your bathing suit and put some water balloons on the bouncing surface. Now the trick is to bounce without smashing the water balloons. Are you up for the challenge? Another cool game: turn on the sprinklers during your bouncing session or grab a water gun. Jump barefoot, otherwise you might slip.

Trampoline basketball

With an EXIT trampoline basket, you can play a game of basketball on the trampoline. Thanks to the high bouncing action you can make the coolest slam dunks. This makes the EXIT trampoline basket a real must-have for your trampoline.

Fun games to play on your trampoline

Share your game with us!

These were the favourite trampoline games of the EXIT Toys editors. But perhaps you’ve thought of some other great games that should be part of this list. We can’t wait to hear about them. Will you let us know?

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Fun games to play on your trampoline
Written by: Laura

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