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How does an EXIT sand filter pump work?
28 June 2019

How does an EXIT sand filter pump work?

Are you filtering the pool water in your pool setup with an EXIT sand filter pump? You're on the right track! The sand filter pump offers the best filtration for your swimming pool water and also provides many other possibilities. How exactly do you use the EXIT sand filter pump and how do the different functions of the pump work? EXIT Toys explains:

Six different positions

The EXIT Toys sand filter pump has a 6-way valve that allows you to simply set the pump in six different positions. Isn't a pump with so many different features very complicated? Anything but: an EXIT sand filter pump in fact makes filtering your pool water very easy. Thanks to the different positions, you have all the possibilities at hand to maintain the pump and the water properly.


Would you like to set the pump in another position? Always first disconnect the power plug from the outlet, so the pump is switched off. You can then set the pump safely on any desired position and can plug it in again. The pump has the following functions:

Filter: for a refreshing swim

The main task of the sand filter pump is to filter the pool water and to keep it on the move. The filter position is therefore used the most. In this function, the water flows through the pump hose from the pool and it passes from the top to the bottom through the sand in the filter. All the dirt that is larger than a grain of sand remains in the pump, so only the clean water flows back in your swimming pool again.

Backwash and rinsing: for clean filter sand

Because the filter sand captures the dirt particles in the water, the sand will slowly clog up with dirt. For proper pump operation, it is important to regularly clean the sand. This is done using the backwash function of the pump. While backwashing, the water flows through the pump in the opposite direction, so from the bottom to top. The water flushes the dirt in the sand out and leaves the pump through the drain. To do this, remove the lid of the drain, at the back of the pump (green circle). For best results, backwash the pump about two to three minutes. If this is not sufficient, continue until the water is clear.

How does an EXIT sand filter pump work?

While cleaning the sand with the backwash function, the sand is pushed upwards in the filter. The rinse position then ensures the sand settles back into place. With rinsing, the water flows from top to bottom and the sand settles back down into the pump. Ten to thirty seconds rinsing is sufficient and the pump is ready for use!

Extra help: manometer

How do you know when it's time to backwash the pump? Keep an eye on the manometer on the sand filter pump. The sand filter pump filters well when the pressure indicated by the meter is less than 0.2 bar (3psi). If the pressure exceeds this, it's time to clean the filter sand! Note: If the pressure remains too high after cleaning, it may also be a sign that it is time to replace the sand. This is usually only necessary once in six months. You can easily purchase the new filter sand on our website.

Waste product and recirculation

The sand filter pump has two settings in which the water enters the pump, but doesn't pass along the filter: the drain and recirculation position. When are these functions useful? The drain function is ideal if you want to empty the pool. Take the lid off the drain and the water is pumped out of the pool in no time at all!


If you have added a disinfectant to the water and you want to have this mix quickly in the water, the recirculation setting is just what you need. In this position, the water flows through the pump and back into the pool again, without passing through the filter. So the water is not filtered but only circulated: thus, the disinfectant can quickly mix with the water.

Closed: maintenance on the pump

The sixth and last position on the pump is closed: this setting closes all outlets of the pump. Useful if the sand filter pump is in need of some maintenance. Note, to use this setting, you also have to always disconnect the power plug from the outlet.


The sand filter pump therefore has many positions and possibilities to keep your pool water and pump perfectly clean! With a sand filter pump from EXIT Toys, you go for the ultimate in swimming fun. View our pools with a sand filter pump.

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How does an EXIT sand filter pump work?
Written by: Geke