Padeloefeningen met de Smash padel rebounder
09 juli 2024

Padel exercises with the Smash padel rebounder

With the EXIT Smash padel rebounder, you can do an awesome variety of padel exercises. In this blog, we give you 12 exercises that you can do with the padel rebounder, for beginners as well as advanced players. For the basics and individual padel strokes, check our blog about the padel strokes on the Smash padel rebounder.


What do you need?

✔  The EXIT Smash padel rebounder

✔  A padel racket

✔  A padel ball


Place the Smash padel rebounder 3 to 4 meters away from you. For all exercises goes that after the stroke, you return to the basic position to prepare for the next stroke.

Exercises for beginners

The following exercises are suitable for beginners.


Drill exercises for the forehand, backhand, forehand volley and backhand volley strokes


1)  Hit as much consecutive forehand strokes as you can.
Instead of the forehand stroke, you can also do the backhand, forehand volley, or backhand volley.


2)  Hit series of 20 consecutive forehand strokes. Take a short break and do 20 backhands strokes. Then start from the beginning.
You can also do 20 forehand volleys followed by 20 backhand volleys.


3)  Hit a forehand, take a step toward the padel rebounder, hit a forehand volley, take a step back, hit another forehand stroke. Repeat this as often as you can.
You can also do this exercise with the backhand and the backhand volley.


Padeloefeningen met de Smash padel rebounder


Overhead stroke

Hit the ball high and aim it in the lower net of the rebounder. When the ball bounces back you smash the ball in the upper net of the rebounder. Catch the ball and repeat.

Exercises for beginners and advanced players

The following exercises are suitable for beginners as well as advanced players.


Ball control

1)  Hit a forehand, hit the ball up and hit another forehand.
You can also do this with the backhand, forehand volley, and backhand volley strokes.


2)  Hit a forehand. Hit the ball up and subsequently hit a backhand. Then at the backhand side hit the ball up to the forehand side and hit another forehand. Keep repeating this.


3)  Hit a forehand, step a bit further toward the padel rebounder and hit a volley. Subsequently hit the ball up and take a bit more distance to hit a forehand. Now you're back at the start to repeat the exercise.
With this exercise you can also replace the forehand with the backhand.


Padeloefeningen met de Smash padel rebounder

Exercises for advanced players

If you're a bit more experienced with padel, you'll love the following exercises with the padel rebounder.


Overhead stroke

Aim the ball in the lower net of the padel rebounder. When the ball bounces back from the rebounder you smash the ball in the upper part of the rebounder. Take a step forward and play a volley. Take a step backward, play the ball up and hit it overhead into the lower net of the rebounder and then you can smash again.


Drill variations

1)  Keep alternating the forehand and backhand strokes.


2)  Hit a forehand twice, a backhand twice and keep going with this alternation.


3)  Hit a forehand, forehand volley, backhand and backhand volley alternately.


Overhead strokes with the rebounder at a padel court

With this exercise you can use the Smash padel rebounder at the padel court.


Place the rebounder on the padel court, two meters away from the padel net. If you're right-handed, place the rebounder left from the net. if you're left-handed, place the rebounder right from the net.


Play the ball up and aim it in the lower net of the padel rebounder. When the ball comes back, hit it over the net of the padel court.


You can choose which stroke you would like to play on the rebounder in this exercise. You can perform a smash, kick smash, rulo or bandeja.


Tip: it's recommendable to bring a bucket of padel balls.


Padeloefeningen met de Smash padel rebounder


All these exercises can be performed on the EXIT Smash padel rebounder. To challenge yourself you can try and do the exercises at a higher pace.


Should you want a bit more basic knowledge and explanation about the individual padel strokes, then check our blog on padel strokes that can be performed with the smash padel rebounder. Do you need some extra clarification? Check out our videos on all strokes and exercises with our padel rebounder.


Bring your padel skills to a higher level with the EXIT Smash padel rebounder, at home or at the padel court. Good luck and enjoy playing!


This blog has come about with the help and expertise of padel instructor Holger Braun.


Written by: Katmer

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