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Leave the room.. outside!

Trampolines in various sizes, colours
and shapes. The versatile InTerra
trampoline has it all!

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EXIT InTerra trampolines

The EXIT InTerra trampolines are trampolines that you dig into your garden. The InTerra trampolines are either round or rectangular and you can choose between a green or grey model.

Completely at ground level

The InTerra trampoline of EXIT Toys is completely dug in at ground level. This means that it does not take up any unnecessary space and gives your garden a lovely and tranquil look. Children of all ages can easily and safely climb unto the InTerra trampolines. Climb on and start jumping!

Let’s jump!

EXIT Toys also thought about how to achieve good bouncing in the InTerra trampolines. Thanks to the 17.7cm double-conical springs, you enjoy a great bounce and a soft landing. The air created when jumping on the trampoline escapes via the unique de-aeration system of the trampoline. So you can jump as much as you want and the trampoline won't even cause much noise.

Durable and safe

Enjoy years of jumping pleasure with the sturdy padding and the high-quality frame of the InTerra trampolines. What makes the trampoline extra safe is the EXIT Foot Protection System. That always prevents you from getting your feet tangled in the springs. So, let’s jump!

More information? Call, mail or chat with us!

Do you have additional questions about the EXIT InTerra trampolines? Let us know and we will be pleased to provide you with personal advice. Contact us via chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to We will contact you within 24 hours!