EXIT My First slides

Toddlers discover the world whilst playing, and EXIT Toys loves to help them do so! The EXIT My First slides are specially designed for toddlers and guarantee fun for the littlest ones. And all of this in the comfort of their own home or garden. Thus sliding and playing fun all year round!

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A world of toddler fun with the My First slides

The EXIT My First slides offer children aged 2-5 a true play paradise. Determine for yourself when this play fun is brought inside. Because thanks to the light weight and compact sizes, it is possible to use the slides both outside and inside. So wherever you are, you can always keep a close eye on your children playing! Unique about these slides is the steel frame that forms a solid base for your little one’s wildest adventures. That way you can enjoy the slide and play fun of your child without a worry.

Sliding and more!

The EXIT My First slide is the perfect first slide for your child! Would you rather have more than just a slide? The EXIT My First multiplay has a slide with play tent and platform for extra play fun. The multiplay offers numerous options for multiple children to have fun at the same time. Are they going to climb, slide or rather play hide and seek? Discover the many play options for your toddler with the EXIT My First slides.

Stylish in every home or every garden

The contemporary design makes sure that the My First slides not only form a stylish asset to the garden, but also to the interior. The slides have soft colour tones that look beautiful on every patio and in every living room. Thereby the warm pastel colours offer toddlers and preschoolers a pleasant and calming environment to play in. This makes the EXIT My First slides a real asset for toddlers and parents!

Sustainable: repairable and recyclable

The My First slides have been developed in accordance with our EXIT sustainable philosophy. The slides for example are 100% repairable. Meaning that every part can be replaced. Spare parts can be ordered for at least five years after purchase. In addition, the My First multiplay is almost completely recycled and the My First slide is 100% recyclable. This is because only mono materials have been used. These are materials that consist of just one raw material, making them easier to recycle as no separation of raw materials is necessary. The steel frames have been galvanised and powder coated. Due to this, rust doesn’t stand a chance and the slides can withstand all weather conditions. Playing fun for years to come? Check!

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EXIT My First slide - pastel
Slide for toddlers
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New collection

EXIT My First multiplay - pastel
Multifunctional play equipment
Suitable for toddlers
For outdoor and indoor use
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