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Leave the room.. outside!

Silhouette trampolines are
modern, durable and guarantee
years of bouncing fun!

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EXIT Silhouette trampolines

De EXIT Silhouette trampoline is a modern trampoline that fits perfectly in your garden. The trampoline series consists of both dug-in trampolines and trampolines on legs of various sizes. The trampoline frame is galvanised and powder-coated for a long lifespan. The trampolines look elegantly thanks to their matte-black colour with green highlights. In short: a beautiful trampoline that gives you years of jumping pleasure!

Silhouette trampoline on legs

The Silhouette trampolines on legs have a modern look and always come with a sturdy safety net, including a zipper. The safety net has curved supports that are protected by foam. The net is stretched tightly so that children cannot get stuck in the safety net.

Silhouette ground level trampoline

Are you looking for a trampoline, but not one that’s not intrusive in your garden? A good option is the Silhouette ground-level trampolines. Without the need to climb into the trampoline, the ground-level models are accessible for younger kids and they too are available with a safety net.

Super cool trampoline accessories

Our trampolines naturally have various accessories available. During the winter, protect your trampoline with a weather cover for a longer lifespan; use a ladder to climb easily unto the trampoline or put your shoes in a shoe bag. View all our trampoline accessories for more information.

More information? Call, mail or chat with us!

Do you have additional questions about the EXIT Silhouette trampolines? Let us know and we will be pleased to provide you with personal advice. Contact us via chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to We will contact you within 24 hours!