Clean swimming water thanks to a swimming pool skimmer
15 juli 2023

Clean swimming water thanks to a pool skimmer

We’re all familiar with it: slippery leaves and floating insects in the frame pool. Yikes! With a pool skimmer of EXIT Toys you can easily get rid of them. In this blog you can read what a skimmer is, how to connect and clean it, plus a tip for the ultimate use of your skimmer!

A pool skimmer, what is it?

A skimmer is a basket that you attach to your EXIT frame pool with a bracket. It removes large dirt, like twigs, leaves and insects, from the water surface of your pool. The skimmer is connected to your cartridge filter pump or sand filter pump which subsequently filters the smaller dirt particles from the water. The filtered water runs back to the pool through a hose between the filter pump and the frame pool. Thus a skimmer is used simultaneously with your filter pump. With a skimmer you not only enjoy cleaner pool water, you also prevent large dirt from sinking to the bottom after a while. That way you save yourself from having to clean the bottom of your pool!


The skimmer is suitable for EXIT Toys above ground pools of 122 centimetres tall. The skimmer also fits frame pools of other brands with a top rail that has a diameter between 35 and 25 millimetres and a hose connection of 32 millimetres.

How do I connect a pool skimmer?

An image speaks louder than a thousand words. That’s why in the video below you can see how we connect the EXIT Toys skimmer:

Note: this instruction video features a filled frame pool. It is easier to connect the skimmer while the pool is still empty.


First, unscrew the hose - or allow the hose that goes from your pool to the filter pump at the pool side to loosen. If it’s already connected, then remove the adapter with the mesh from the pool outlet. This is located on the inside of the pool. Place the adapter that comes with the skimmer on the opening of the pool outlet. Subsequently you tighten the hose that leads from the outside of the pool to the filter pump. Are you following these steps while the pool is filled? Then ask someone to lend a hand and let them hold the hose at the outside of the pool. That way the hose won't fall on the floor and no water will spill out of the pool!


Now you can connect the skimmer. Hang the skimmer-bracket on the edge of the pool. The added hose should be connected to the adapter in the pool outlet on one side, and to the bottom of the skimmer on the other side. Good to know: the hose leads over the adapter, but inside the opening at the bottom of the skimmer. Subsequently you connect the skimmer at the bottom of the bracket. EXIT tip: hang the skimmer 2-3 centimetres below the water surface. That way large dirt will not stand a chance in your metal frame pool

Clean swimming water thanks to a swimming pool skimmer

How do I clean a skimmer?

The basket of the skimmer is easy to clean: remove it from the holder, empty it and rinse it under the tap if necessary. Subsequently you can place the basket back. Do this on a weekly basis. This keeps the water flowing and also prevents the growth of algae in the water!

Tip for the ultimate use of your skimmer

Did you know that you can also place chlorine tablets inside the skimmer? That way you no longer need a chlorine floater! Remove the skimmer with the chlorine tablets from the water when swimming with small children, because safety comes first. You can simply do this by unscrewing the hose from the inside wall of the pool.


Would you like to enjoy extra clean swimming water and not have to fish out any leaves yourself with a scoop net? Check out the EXIT Toys skimmer.

Would you like to find out more? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any more questions about the skimmer? Let us know! Contact us through the chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

Clean swimming water thanks to a swimming pool skimmer
Written by: Liza

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