The benefits of filter wadding in your swimming pool filter pump
15 juni 2023

The benefits of filter wadding in your frame pool filter pump

Nothing is as delightful as clean and clear swimming water. With filter wadding, cleaning your metal frame pool is done in no time. In this blog you’ll learn about all the benefits of this new way of filtering.

Filter wadding is universal

Filter wadding is made of a lightweight material with a delicate structure. Due to this, the filter wadding automatically fill a filter pump in any shape or size. Because of this you can use filter wadding in a cartridge filter pump as well as in a sand filter pump. Handy!

Better filtering quality

A second benefit of filter wadding is the filter quality. Although in principle, filter wadding works the same as filter sand and cartridges, their delicate structure makes sure the water runs more smoothly through your filter pump. That way, even the smallest dirt particles, that are invisible to the eye, are filtered from the water!

The benefits of filter wadding in your swimming pool filter pump

Easy and sustainable alternative

Last but not least: filter wadding of EXIT Toys is high quality and can easily be washed (without detergent or fabric softener). This can be done by hand or in the washing machine at 30 °C and in a washing bag. This makes the filter wadding last much longer: even up to three years! For clean water we recommend washing the filter wadding every two weeks, especially during the summer period. That way you’ll enjoy crystal-clear frame pool water all summer long. 


So the weekly replacement of cartridges or regularly back washing of sand is no longer needed. Dragging fresh filter sand to your pool every six months is a thing of the past as well! And did you know that a box of 400 grams of wadding equals no less than 14 kilos of filter sand?

Would you like more information? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about the filter wadding? Let us know! Contact us through the chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

The benefits of filter wadding in your swimming pool filter pump
Written by: Geke

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