Exercising outdoors with EXIT Toys
13 januari 2023

Exercising outdoors with EXIT Toys

Would you like to exercise more? Well, you don’t have to go all the way to the gym for that, because you can exercise outside as well. How about a workout in the backyard? With EXIT Toys, working out in your own garden becomes a party. So, grab your sports gear from that bottom drawer and get moving!

Why exercise outdoors?

Exercising is healthy but exercising outdoors is even healthier. Because of the oxygen-filled air you will be off like a rocket. And thanks to the Vitamin D you get from the sunlight, your immune system gets a boost as well. In addition, working out in green surroundings results in powerful movements and a better mood. So, it’s time to step outside!

Jumping fitness

Jumping on a trampoline is not only great fun, but great for your health too! During jumping you train all your muscles and burn many calories. It’s also less of a burden for the body than other sports like running. Many people especially love this because it really gets your body working, without having to do too much for it. While bouncing you feel as light as a feather, it’s loads of fun! This is also the reason gyms offer trampoline jumping (jumping fitness). Would you like to enjoy exercising in your own backyard? Then check out our wide offer of trampolines.

Exercising outdoors with EXIT Toys


A basketball board is a great product for exercising in your own garden. It takes up little space and forms a super incentive to get moving. If your garden allows it you can also choose an EXIT Toys basketball pole, which you can dribble around and try and score in. Whether you’re a serious basketball player or just want to play a ballgame every now and then, a basketball system never gets boring. You’re having fun and being super active at the same time, without even realizing it. Challenge yourself, dribble through markers and practice that perfect slam-dunk.

Exercising outdoors with EXIT Toys


Would you rather play a game of hockey? Not a problem! At EXIT Toys you find the coolest hockey goals to score in and rebounders that bounce the ball back in incredible ways. A real winner is our EXIT Sniper hockey goal. It’s manufactured in official NHL size, and in addition to field hockey it’s also suitable for street or even ice hockey! That way you can also enjoy playing outside on a colder winter’s day.

Exercising outdoors with EXIT Toys


Playing football on a field alone? No way! With the EXIT football products you can turn any location into a playing field, so you can train individually or as a team at any given moment. At EXIT you find a wide range of high-quality football goals, like steel or aluminium football goals that you can firmly secure with ground anchors, or foldable goals for in your garden, at the campsite or in the park. Our Maestro, Coppa and Finta series come with a training wall, so you can also train individually and challenge yourself with goal shooting exercises. The rebounders are another real must-have for the individual football practice. In this blog you can find a number of exercises with this cool product.

Exercising outdoors with EXIT Toys

Do you prefer exercising in a group? Then perhaps panna football would be just the thing for you. Panna football is the trend in street football and very popular with youngsters. The EXIT panna goals are not only suitable for playing on the street but can also be used on grass or in a sports hall. In addition, they’re perfect for a game of hockey. Thus, a multifunctional sports product!

More ball sports

Speaking of multifunctional: have you seen the EXIT Toys multisports net? With this net you can practice pretty much all ball sports, like (beach)tennis, softball, badminton, volleyball or footvolley. You can place this net on almost every surface. A perfect product for an afternoon in the park or a day at the beach. Check out the best games with this sports product and you will see that the possibilities are endless.

Exercising outdoors with EXIT Toys

So you see, you don’t have to go to the gym for a day of sports. The activities above already offer loads of inspiration. Be creative and come up with a variety of ways to exercise outside. What’s your favourite outdoor sport?

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Exercising outdoors with EXIT Toys
Written by: Liza

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