10 exercises with the EXIT Toys rebounders
03 september 2023

10 exercises with the EXIT Toys rebounders

With the EXIT rebounders you can learn a whole bunch of fun tricks! And did you know that our rebounders are suitable for numerous ball sports like football, hockey, and volleyball? Discover the most fun exercises with the EXIT rebounders:


The Tempo or Kickback multisport rebounders of EXIT Toys are a great tool for your football practice. These rebounders can be set at a number of angles between 35° and 90° so you can determine how the ball is bounced back yourself. The higher the angle you set the rebounder at, the more challenging the game!

Exercise 1: Kicking technique

Place the rebounder upright, at an angle of 90° for a beginner’s practice. This way the ball is bounced back in a straight line so you can easily practice your kicking technique. You can make the rules of the game as difficult as you want. Pass the ball as often as you can for example. Can you make it till 99? Then you’re ready for the next exercise.

Exercise 2: Trapping

Time for the real work! Set the rebounder at an angle so the ball bounces back with an arch. Now the trick is to trap the ball on your chest, shoulders, and knee or maybe even your neck. Or can you head the ball back into the net of the rebounder? For goalkeepers, a ball that bounces back is enormously challenging too! So you see, there are plenty of options to practice all your football tricks.

10 exercises with the EXIT Toys rebounders

Exercise 3: Keepie Uppie

Are you a pro in keeping the ball up? Add an extra dimension to your technique by playing the ball into the rebounder while you keep moving. Can you still make it to 99?

Exercise 4: Multi-level training

For extra variation you can practice with the EXIT Toys Kickback football rebounder. This rebounder challenges you in two ways: you can shoot the ball in the net or pass underneath it. That way you determine how the ball is bounced back: clean or with an arch. Double the fun!


The hockey rebounders, also called hockey tchouks, are perfect to bring your hockey skills to a higher level.

Exercise 5: Passing and trapping

A clean, low, high, hard, or soft pass: with the rebounder you can learn how to accurately pass the puck to your teammates. Set the rebounder at an angle of 90° and practice passing and trapping. The closer you are to the rebounder, the easier the exercise. Keep taking steps backwards and challenge yourself!

10 exercises with the EXIT Toys rebounders

Exercise 6: Scoring through the rebounder

Do you also have an EXIT hockey goal? Then a fun exercise is to score through the rebounder. You can place the rebounder at an angle next to the goal to pass the ball to yourself and subsequently shoot at the goal. But you can also choose to place the rebounder exactly opposite to the goal. In that case your back is facing the goal and you try to score ‘blind’.

10 exercises with the EXIT Toys rebounders

Exercise 7: Keepie Uppie

Many kids practice their skills by means of keeping the ball up with the stick. Of course, it’s extra fun when you add a rebounder to the game. See Nikkie’s video for inspiration.

See the hockey tricks of Nikkie. Can you do this too? 


So now it’s time for volleyball practice! Put on your kneepads, set up your multisport rebounder and let’s go.

Exercise 8: Set-up and pass technique

For playmakers and liberos, the rebounder is a great training tool, because it allows you to improve your set-up and pass technique. To do so you place the rebounder at the desired angle and play into the rebounder as often as you can. During the game you can alternate between your underhand and upperhand technique. After a while you will be playing the ball to your teammates with more precision and skills! A gift to yourself and your team!

Exercise 9: Smash technique

For the passer-runners, a rebounder is a real must have as well, because this is the perfect training tool to work on your smash! Set the rebounder at an angle of 35°, so the ball is bounced back with an arch. Subsequently you can smash into the rebounder as often as possible until you’ve developed the perfect smash. Got the hang of it? Then pass the ball in the rebounder and smash it over the volleyball net as often as you can. A lovely way to blow off steam.

Exercise 10: Diving (indoor only!)

With the EXIT rebounder you can also work on your diving technique. During the exercises above for example. Is the ball flying away a bit too far? Then slide after it as fast as you can so you can still pass it. Note: this exercise is only possible in the sports hall, so you can really slide over the floor.

Think less, train more

This was just a small selection of the numerous exercises you can do with the multifunctional rebounders of EXIT Toys. Of course, you can practice many more sports with this fun product. How about handball, softball, smash ball, water polo or tchoukball?

Are you looking for more variation for your at-home football practice? In this blog you can discover all sorts of fun football games. Also check out more exercises of EXIT Toys to spice up your hockey practice.

Would you like to find out more? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about our rebounders? Let us know! Contact us through the chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

10 exercises with the EXIT Toys rebounders
Written by: Laura

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