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Decorating my EXIT wooden playhouse in winter season
12 januari 2023

Decorating my EXIT wooden playhouse in winter season

During the winter months, many homes and gardens are cheerfully decorated. How much fun is it to also give your own EXIT wooden playhouse a wintry makeover? Because EXIT Toys playhouses are great to spend time in during the cold season as well. Did you know for example that the Loft and Crooky models have a waterproof bitumen roof? Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and turn your EXIT playhouse into a winter wonderland palace:

Fairy-tale dream palace

Nothing says winter more than green pine branches and mood lights. Use them as a basis for decorating your playhouse and you'll instantly create a fairy-tale effect. With a garland of pine green you can decorate the edge of the roof and the fence. A light cord or lanterns also give a warm, homely effect.

Your second home

Transform your playhouse into your very own place with a house number, doorbell, and doormat! That way, everyone will know who the proud owner is. Don't forget a birdhouse either, because during the cold winter months birds can definitely use some help. Hang nice planters on the fence and there it is: your second home!

Decorating my EXIT wooden playhouse in winter season

Cosy interior

Of course, a cosy interior should not be missing. Give your EXIT Toys playhouse a real homely touch with a cosy interior. Think for example of a rug, curtains, or warm blankets. It’s even possible to paint or wallpaper a wall just like in a real house! To finish it off you can add all kinds of decorations you like. How about chalkboards, paintings and posters on the wall? That way you can make this snug place all yours.

Craft your own decorations

For craft enthusiasts it’s also fun to give the playhouse a personal twist. Cut out the most beautiful paper stars and snow crystals. And how about a garland of pinecones? Thread a string through them and they’re ready to shine in your new interior.

No place like home

Are you happy with the result? Then it’s high time to show everyone your new and improved EXIT playhouse! Bring your cuddly toys and some treats and let the endless winter adventures begin.

Can’t get enough of our ideas? In our blog: from playhouse to play paradise you can find all sorts of useful tips to get even more joy out of your playhouse. Have fun!

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Decorating my EXIT wooden playhouse in winter season
Written by: Geke