EXIT Robot mower stop: The solution for trampolines on grass
12 maart 2023

EXIT robot mower stop: the solution for trampolines on grass

Do a robot mower and a trampoline go together in the garden? They certainly do with a robot mower stop from EXIT Toys! Thanks to this robot mower stop, the robot mower detects the legs of the trampoline and will therefore not damage the frame of the trampoline. It allows you to enjoy using your trampoline and a nicely mowed lawn at the same time. Discover the advantages of the EXIT robot mower stop.

Prevent damage with the EXIT robot mower stop

The robot mower normally neatly follows the track of the perimeter wire and stops automatically when there is an obstacle (like toys) on its path. However this is not the case with a trampoline: because the legs of the trampoline disappear in the grass these are often not detected by the robot mower. This can damage the trampoline frame or robot mower.


You can choose to protect the trampoline with perimeter wire to keep the robot mower at a safe distance. The robot mower will then turn around way before it hits the trampoline. However, this leaves patches of high grass, which will make your garden look less attractive. Such a pity! This can easily be resolved with the use of the EXIT robot mower stop.

A solution for every trampoline

Thanks to the smart robot mower stops from EXIT Toys you can now relax and leave the mowing around and underneath the trampoline up to the robot mower. The unique stops can be attached to the trampoline legs in no time and the robot mower will move away from the trampoline just before reaching it. The stops work in combination with every robot mower and offer the best protection for every trampoline with W-legs or L-legs. You no longer have to deal with perimeter wire or damage when you use an EXIT robot mower stop as it allows you to enjoy a beautifully mowed lawn, easy as that!

EXIT Robot mower stop: The solution for trampolines on grass

Mowing effortlessly around and underneath the trampoline

EXIT Toys has a robot mower stop for a trampoline with W legs and for a trampoline with L legs. Most trampolines are supported by W legs. The bottom part of these legs are often hidden in the grass which is why the robot mower doesn’t detect them. By attaching an EXIT robot mower stop M or L between the legs an obstacle is created which will make it turn around when it comes close to the trampoline. The stop consists of a metal tube with screw thread which clamps between the trampoline legs.

EXIT Robot mower stop: The solution for trampolines on grass
EXIT Robot mower stop: The solution for trampolines on grass

Extra handy: Use stops for either protecting the entire trampoline or just parts of it. You see, the stops can be attached between the legs or all the way around. This way, the mower can reach the grass around and underneath the trampoline without having to move it.

EXIT Robot mower stop: The solution for trampolines on grass

Jump and mow at the same time

Do you have an EXIT Lotus trampoline or an EXIT Elegant trampoline with unique L-shaped legs? For this we’ve developed the special EXIT Lotus and Elegant robot mower stop. The stop consists of metal holders and a glass fibre ring which can be attached to the legs. The metal holders are longer than the widest point of the legs so that the robot mower can’t possibly get to the frame. Because the trampoline is totally blocked off, children can continue to jump safely even while the robot mower is busy doing its job. And do you want the grass underneath the trampoline to be mowed? The robot mower stop will always stay securely in place so you can easily move the trampoline.

EXIT Robot mower stop: The solution for trampolines on grass

More information? Call, email or chat with us!

Do you have any additional question about the EXIT robot mower stop? Please let us know! Contact us via chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or email us at info@exittoys.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

EXIT Robot mower stop: The solution for trampolines on grass
Written by: Liza

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