Trampolines and safety
13 juli 2023

Trampolines and safety

A trampoline in your garden means fun for young and old. An EXIT Toys trampoline ensures years of jumping fun. But safety is our number one priority. Children of course jump and play with great enthusiasm on a trampoline, which is exactly why safety is so important. This makes it not only possible for the children to relax, but also for the adults. But how do you make trampoline jumping safe for everybody? EXIT explains:

The quality of your trampoline

Make sure you buy a trampoline that meets all applicable safety standards. Of course, all EXIT trampolines meet these standards. It means that it has to carry quality labels, like TÜV, EN and GS. You will find more information regarding safety in our blog on quality labels. Also, the sturdiness of the legs for instance is of great importance. This ensures that the trampoline remains stable, even when making the craziest moves!


The quality of the padding is also of great significance: the thicker and broader the padding, the better. And if you accidentally land beside the jump mat, then the foam in the padding will allow for a soft landing. It is also important that the padding covers the springs entirely, so that children cannot get their feet caught between the springs.

Extra safe: Foot protection system

So, because the safety of the springs is not to be underestimated, we at EXIT Toys have designed something special: The foot protection system (FPS). This system makes sure that your feet can’t slide underneath the padding, so they won’t get hurt.

Trampoline check up

Check your trampoline regularly: are the jump mat and springs not sagging? Is all the tubing still in place inside the frame? Is the padding still in good shape? All these things are important to keep an eye on, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. And so when springs comes around there will be nothing holding you back from enjoying your trampoline!

Trampolines and safety

Safe spot for the trampoline

Is the trampoline on a safe spot? Make sure that there is at least 2 meters of clear space around the trampoline. So create a sufficient distance between the trampoline and for example hedges, walls or fences. All EXIT trampolines have a safety net or are provided with unique EXIT Freezone safety tiles. When you jump off or accidentally land beside it, then at least your landing will be a lot softer.


Also handy: place the trampoline on a spot where you can easily see them from inside the house. Are the children playing outside and you are busy inside? Then at least you can always keep an eye on them. But the most important thing is of course that the children experience fun on the trampoline, for years on end!

More information? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about our trampolines or the safety in use? Please let us know! Contact us via chat, call us at +31 314 - 796 020 or email us at info@exittoys.com. We will contact you within 24 hours!

Trampolines and safety
Written by: Carolien

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