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What determines the quality of an EXIT trampoline?
07 May 2019

What determines the quality of an EXIT trampoline?

Go for bronze, silver and gold with the EXIT trampolines. At EXIT Toys we categorise our trampolines into bronze, silver and gold according to quality. But what makes one trampoline good and another outstanding? EXIT Toys explains:

What determines the quality of an EXIT trampoline?

Securely in place

Because a trampoline needs to be able to withstand the wildest jumps, EXIT Toys has made the trampolines sturdy enough to endure rough handling. The thicker the frame and legs of the trampoline are, the more securely the trampoline will stay in place. The round Elegant trampolines on legs really stand out when it comes to sturdiness: not only do they have the solid frame, but they also have unique L-shaped legs so that the trampoline can never tilt. But also the frame of the Supreme trampolines is one you can rely on. Did you know that this durable frame comes with a 10 year guarantee?

The best bounce

A trampoline is of course meant for fun and jumping! The quality of the bounce depends mainly on the type of springs, the (wire) thickness and the length of the springs. All EXIT toys trampolines have double conical springs, these kinds of springs are thicker in the middle than on the outsides. This allows it to stretch out more evenly and always allows you to create a super great bounce.


The smoothest bounces are best made when the springs are long and thick. At EXIT Toys we have trampolines with different spring lengths and thicknesses: the trampolines from our bronze category have the shortest and least thick springs and the trampolines from the gold category have the longest and thickest springs.


Please note: for the young, lightweight and less experienced users, the trampolines with short springs will give a better bounce. Long springs work best when the jumper is able to actually push off well.

Durable materials

The difference in the EXIT Toys trampoline categories is also reflected in the durability of the trampolines. The PVC-layer of the padding and the way in which the frame is finished off for example influence the lifespan of a trampoline. The thicker the protective PVC-top layer, the more durable the trampoline and therefore the higher the category in which it is placed. The padding of the Supreme trampoline can, because of its high quality, be left outside even when it is freezing and is UV protected. Therefore completely durable!


All frames and legs of our EXIT trampolines are galvanised which makes them scratch resistant and it protects them against weather conditions and rust. When the frame and legs are then also powder coated, the trampolines have an extra protection layer to make them even more durable.

Safety first: the padding

Is there a difference between safety between the three different trampoline categories? No worries there, whichever EXIT trampoline you may choose: they are all safe! All paddings from EXIT Toys contain a handy foot protection system, so that children will not get their feet caught in the springs.


Thick padding ensures that your landing will be soft even if the jump doesn’t turn out as you had hoped. Because you can jump higher with an EXIT trampoline belonging to the gold category, the padding is also thicker. The Elegant Premium and the Supreme trampolines therefore stick by far out with their 30 and 40 millimeter thick padding.

Safety first: the safety net

And last but not least: our safety nets! For trampolines in the silver and gold category we have the EXIT Economy safety net and the EXIT Deluxe safety net. The Deluxe safety net has the thickest poles so that the net will always stand securely, also has high quality XPE foam around the poles and is held tight by a glass fibre ring at the top and at the bottom of the net. The thickness of the poles, the kind of foam around the poles and the amount of rings in the net all contribute to the difference in quality.

What determines the quality of an EXIT trampoline?

There is also a difference in the types of closures of the safety nets: the safety nets of the trampolines in the bronze category have a prominent zipper and the safety nets belonging to the gold category have an overlapping door. With such an overlapping entrance, children cannot forget to close the net.


With bounce comfort and quality in three different categories there will always be a trampoline to suit you. Have you not quite made up your mind yet? Bounce into action and use the choice help from EXIT Toys to find your perfect trampoline!

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What determines the quality of an EXIT trampoline?
Written by: Jennifer