Football exercises for your own EURO 2021!
08 juni 2021

Football exercises for your own EURO 2021!

This Friday it’s finally happening: the start of the European Football Championship! Would you like to become just as good at football as the stars of the European teams and organize your own EURO tournament? Then get started with the following football exercises for kids.

Football tricks: the Akka and the Scissors

To become a top player in the field, we start with a handy football trick: the Akka. With an Akka you quickly change the direction of the ball. When you do this, the defender will think that the ball goes into a different direction then it actually does. This’ll give you a chance to hit the football-goal and score!

: dribble sideways. Tap the ball with the outside of your foot. Then retrieve the ball with the inside of your foot. And off you go!

Another football trick to fool your opponent is the scissors. This trick has been around for more than 100 years! And we think there’s a good reason for it.

Football exercises for your own EURO 2021!

: dribble the ball forward with your right leg. Circle your right foot around the ball. Then hit the ball with the outside of your left foot and take it along.

Penalty shootouts

The penalty shootouts are always an exciting moment during a match and the perfect chance to win. Would you like to always shoot your penalties in the goal from now on? Then concentrate on choosing the best spot for the ball, don’t let yourself be distracted. Try to not only shoot hard, but also carefully look where you’re shooting at. EXIT tip: when taking a penalty, run right into the direction of the goalkeeper. That way he or she won’t know which way you’re going to shoot the ball and you’ll have a much bigger chance of scoring!

: With an EXIT Toys football goal you practice taking penalties, so you will become just as good at this as Karim Benzema! Choose two corners of the goal where you will be aiming the ball at, the goalkeeper will have difficulties reaching these. Shoot the ball into these corners many times and keep shooting harder. Do you have an EXIT Maestro football-goal, EXIT Coppa football-goal of EXIT Finta football-goal? Then you can learn to shoot even more precise with the included training wall with holes: try to shoot the ball through the holes as many times as possible!

Football exercises for your own EURO 2021!


Do Would you rather stand in the goal instead of in the field? Then an EXIT rebounder would be perfect for you. By training with this you will certainly follow in top goalkeeper Jan Oblak’s footsteps!

: Throw the ball against the rebounder and catch it. First do this with two hands, then with one hand. Try different corners. Got the hang of it? Then alternate the throwing and catching between your hands left, right, left…

Now it’s time to use your feet. Shoot the ball into the rebounder and catch it with your hand(s). As soon as you got the hang of this, you start the next exercise: keep the ball up three times, alternating with your left and right foot. Shoot the ball into the rebounder, catch it with your foot and keep it up another three times.

Football exercises for your own EURO 2021!

Could you use even more of a challenge? Great! Try this: place two markers behind each other, with a small space in-between. Lay the ball a bit further away, between the markers and the rebounder. Dribble over the markers, shoot the ball into the rebounder and catch. This will make you a lightning-fast goalkeeper!

EURO game schedule

Ready for match time now that you’ve done these exercises? Challenge all your friends! With the EXIT EURO2021 game schedule you host your own EURO tournament, of which you will undoubtedly become the winner! Tip: check the EURO2021 game schedule for a bigger version that you can quickly download and print.

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Football exercises for your own EURO 2021!
Written by: Liza

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