FIT with EXIT hexathlon
19 maart 2023

FIT with EXIT hexathlon

Feel like taking on a sportive challenge? Invite all your friends, put on your most sporty outfit, and play the FIT with EXIT hexathlon. In this hexathlon, you play six games with two teams of equal size. Per game you can earn 10, 20 or 30 points with a total score of 100 points. The team that is closest to 100 points after playing all six games is the winner. Score paper at hand? Let's play!

Game 1: Keeping uppy revived

Playing keeping uppy has been a favourite amongst kids for years. With a multisport rebounder you add an extra dimension to this challenge. Who can keep the ball up in the air the longest?

FIT with EXIT hexathlon

This is what you need

- EXIT multisport rebounder
- Stopwatch
- Football

The game

Set the stopwatch to two minutes. The oldest player of each team begins. Shoot the ball against the rebounder, take it back with your foot and continue this for two minutes. The rest of the team counts how often the ball is kept up. Repeat this until all players have had their turn. The team that has managed to keep the ball up the most, earns 10 points.

Alternative: instead of using a football, of course you can also play this game with a hockey stick and hockey ball.

Game 2: Basketball shoot-out

Agility, tactics, and the necessary control are the ingredients for a successful shot at the basket. Hopefully you have them because they will come in handy this round!

This is what you need

- Basketball pole or backboard
- Ball

The game

In this game, each team is allowed to throw the ball towards the basket 10 times. The team that gets the ball through the basket the most, earns 10 points this round. Once everyone has their nerves under control, the game can begin.

Game 3: let’s play panna      

A game of soccer of course should not be missing in this Hexathlon. Although this game is actually way better than an ordinary game of soccer. Let’s play panna!

FIT with EXIT hexathlon

This is what you need

- Two small goals
- Football

The game

In this game, the teams play against each other. One player from each team enters the field per round. The players try to pass the ball between their opponent's legs. If they succeed, they win the game. The game continues until all team members have been on the field at least once. The team with the most pannas scores 10 points.

Alternative: instead of using a football of course you can also play this game with a hockey stick and hockey ball.

Game 4: water balloon fight

Dodgeball, everyone knows it from school. Did you know that you can also play dodgeball in the garden with water balloons?

This is what you need

- EXIT multisport net
- Water balloons

The game

The EXIT multisport net is placed in the middle of both teams. Make as many water balloons as possible and try to get the other team wet by throwing the water balls over the multisport net. The team that hits all players of the other team first, is the winner of this game and earns 20 points. Is it too cold for water balloons? Then of course you can also play this game with a soft ball.

Extra difficulty: Attach a dark canvas or tarpaulin to the net. Now the teams can no longer see each other. Can you still hit someone?

Game 5: trampoline volleyball

Combining trampoline bouncing with a sport? Most definitely yes! Because you can use the safety net as a volleyball net. Everybody ready for a game of trampoline volleyball?

FIT with EXIT hexathlon

This is what you need

- EXIT trampoline
- Stopwatch
- Soft ball

The game

Divide each team into two groups. One team member will jump on the trampoline and the rest of the team will stand next to it. Start the timer and try to pass as many times as possible. If someone doesn’t catch the ball, the whole team is out. The team that manages to pass the ball the longest scores 20 points.

Extra difficulty: if the player on the trampoline accidently stops jumping you get a penalty point. This is deducted from the score later.

Game 6: relay race endgame

The first five games are over. Both teams now have one more chance to improve the team score. During this last game, you use all the attributes from the previous games and have a relay race*. As soon as the first player has completed the first part, the next player starts and so on. The youngest player can start! The team that finishes first wins the last 30 points.

The relay race consists of the following parts:

- Shoot the ball against the rebounder and catch it with one hand
- Throw the ball through the basket
- Run a circle around the two small goals
- Limbo dance underneath the multisport net
- Perform a trick on the trampoline

* To give each other space during the relay, one team starts at the rebounder and the other team starts at the trampoline.

Medal award ceremony

Have all teams finished the relay? Then it’s time for the points and medal award ceremony. Download the EXIT medals here and give the award ceremony an official touch. The gold medal is, of course, awarded to the team with the highest score.

Compose your own hexathlon

The games listed above are just a few of the possibilities because there are of course many more games to think of. How about a hopscotch game with the EXIT Sprinqle water play tiles, a sandcastle competition in one of our sand pits or an old-fashioned game of tug of war?

Would you like to find out more? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about our outdoor toys? Let us know! Contact us through the chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

FIT with EXIT hexathlon
Written by: Carolien

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