Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds
07 september 2023

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds

Do you have a trampoline in your garden and is there a summer storm or a strong autumn wind coming up? With the tips in this blog you can optimally prepare your EXIT trampoline for it.

Why should I protect my trampoline against the wind?

Protect your trampoline against stormy weather conditions by removing the safety net and anchoring the trampoline. This will prevent your trampoline from flying up in the air instead of you! Because the last thing we want are damages or accidents.

Removing the safety net from the trampoline

Do you have a EXIT inground trampoline or a EXIT trampoline on legs with a safety net? Then it’s important to remove the safety net when there’s a storm or fierce winds coming up. Without a net your trampoline will catch less winds and you’ll reduce the chance of the wind taking it along. You can remove the net by following the steps below:

Step 1

Remove the Velcro from the safety net poles. With the EXIT Silhouette trampoline and Black Edition trampoline you can skip this step, this safety net doesn’t have Velcro.

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds

Step 2

Leave the fibreglass ring and thus the safety net in its rounded shape but remove it from the end caps. This is how you detach the net from the safety net posts. Do you have an EXIT Silhouette or Black Edition trampoline? Then click the end caps loose from the safety net posts, by means of the jump clip.

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds

Step 3

Carefully lower the safety net onto the padding.

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds

Step 4

Remove the poles from the 'top rail' (the frame to which the jumping mat is attached). If it is just for a short while and you are not using a cover, you can also leave the poles on the trampoline.

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds

Step 5

Store the safety net and possibly the poles in a safe place. Tip: make it easy on yourself and use a cover. This way you can place the safety net and the poles on the jumping surface. You can then safely enclose the full set with the cover.

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds


Your wind catcher is now gone! Attention: do not use the trampoline without a safety net. Place the net back again after the storm and before the first jump.

Anchoring the trampoline

When you have an EXIT trampoline on legs, like the Silhouette or Elegant, we recommend anchoring your trampoline. For this you can use the EXIT trampoline anchor set. This anchor set consists of four anchors and four straps to anchor the trampoline to the ground with. This will make the trampoline frame stand more solid during winds and reduces the chance of it sliding away during wild jumps!!


Are you going to order an EXIT trampoline on legs? We encourage you to order and use an anchor kit. That's why you get a discount when you order one together with your trampoline!


EXIT inground trampolines like the Silhouette and the Elegant don’t have to be anchored extra in windy conditions: these trampolines have already been anchored in the ground with their legs during the installation. Like mentioned earlier we do recommend removing the safety net during heavy winds. The anchors that are standardly provided with the EXIT Silhouette trampoline and the EXIT Elegant trampoline prevent the trampoline from turning around or moving in the ground. EXIT groundlevel trampolines like the EXIT Dynamic trampoline don’t have to be anchored extra: these trampolines have been completely dug in, so wind doesn’t or hardly gets underneath it.

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds

After the storm

Check your EXIT trampoline once the wind has died down and before use. Have sharp branches or leaves ended up on the trampoline? Then remove them before jumping. Check whether the protective ring still covers all springs, reposition the safety net and check whether the net is taut again. Then it's time to make the biggest jumps on your EXIT trampoline!

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds

Can a trampoline stand outside during the winter?

In principle, your EXIT trampoline can stay outside during the winter. With the tips above, your trampoline is better protected against fierce winds. In addition, you can protect a trampoline on legs by placing it in your garden as sheltered as possible. Note: when jumping, do make sure there’s enough free space around the trampoline. In wintertime it’s important to avoid too much snow on your trampoline. By quickly removing snow from the trampoline, you avoid the trampoline’s springs from stretching too far. Curious about other things you can do in extreme weather conditions? You can read it in this blog.

Our EXIT customer service love to help

Do you still have questions about protecting your EXIT trampoline against the wind? Let us know! Contact us through the chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

Protecting your EXIT trampoline against fierce winds
Written by: Carolien

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