A dug-in trampoline or a trampoline on legs?
19 maart 2023

A dug-in trampoline or a trampoline on legs?

Are you planning on buying a trampoline, but you don’t know whether you would like a trampoline on legs or one that has to be dug into the ground? Before you decide, there are a few things you should consider. EXIT Toys will clarify this for you:

Different kinds of trampolines

Before you purchase the trampoline it is important to know whether you want your trampoline to be dug into the ground or not. Please note that you can’t dig in a trampoline on legs and jumping on a dug-in trampoline is only possible when the hole that it rests on has the right measurements. Luckily EXIT Toys offers both trampolines on legs as special dug-in trampolines so you can choose whichever one suits you.


Why do we have special dug-in trampolines? To be able to make the best possible jumps, the air that is created while jumping needs to be able to escape. This is not a problem with regards to a trampoline on legs, but in a hole under the ground the air is trapped. The unique de-aeration system in the jumping mat and padding of our dug-in trampolines ensures that the air is actually able to escape, so you can bounce away all you like.


Please note: The legs of the dug-in trampoline are shorter than the legs of the trampoline on legs. It is therefore essential that the dug-in trampolines are actually dug into the ground. Otherwise you will be jumping on the ground and that’s no fun to say the least

Possibilities in your garden

Sometimes you simply don’t have a choice: Not every type of ground is suitable for digging in a trampoline. You can read more information about suitable surfaces in this blog, but also be sure to always have a gardener have a look at the soil to see whether your garden is ready for an inground trampoline.


Is the ground in your garden suitable? Determine what you think would look good in your garden. A trampoline on legs stands out more in your garden, whereas a dug-in trampoline allows for a more serene look. You can choose the trampoline that you like best!

Safety first

Is there one option safer than the other? Not with EXIT Toys! Both our trampolines on legs and our inground trampolines always come with a safety net, so that children will stay on the trampoline even when doing the craziest jumps. Would you like a safe trampoline without a safety net? Then an EXIT Dynamic ground level trampoline with safety tiles might be the option for you! Our ground level trampolines are available with safety net as well as with safety tiles.


Our dug-in trampolines are low to the ground, which makes it easy for children to get on and off them. But EXIT Toys has also taken into consideration safely stepping onto trampolines on legs: with the EXIT trampoline ladder it is easy for children to get onto the trampoline and bounce away in no-time. In addition, you can use a trampoline platform to safely and effortlessly enter the trampoline. The platform has a broad step with an anti-slip layer which is handy for children to stand on before they climb through the safety net.

A dug-in trampoline or a trampoline on legs?

Trampoline inground: more work?

There is no doubt about it, digging a hole for placing a trampoline takes a bit of work. To help you with that, you will find a handy drawing on our website with the right measurements of the hole needed for your specific dug-in trampoline. So you can choose to grab that spade and get to work, or you can of course get a gardener to do it for you. It really is up to you how much effort you are willing to put into it!

Trampoline selection guide

So, you have decided whether you would like a dug-in trampoline or one on legs? Then that’s a step in the right direction. How about also bouncing about a bit on our special EXIT trampoline guide, to help you determine which EXIT trampoline would suit you best. Whichever one you go for; one thing is clear: an EXIT trampoline allow your children to have years of fun and play on end!

A dug-in trampoline or a trampoline on legs?

More information? Call, email or chat with us!

Do you have questions about our trampolines? Please let us know! Contact us via chat, call us at +31 314 - 796 020 or email us at info@exittoys.com. We will be jumping for joy to help you!

A dug-in trampoline or a trampoline on legs?
Written by: Carolien

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