Water toys musthave for the summer: the EXIT Sprinqle
22 juni 2023

Water toys musthave for the summer: the EXIT Sprinqle

With the start of summer, it’s high time to go play outside with water. In addition to swimming pools you’ll also find the best water toys at EXIT Toys, so you’ll have a splashing summer! Have you already met the EXIT Sprinqle? In this blog you will find out why this set of interactive water play tiles should not be missing in your garden!


The EXIT Sprinqle cools everybody down

The Sprinqle consists of a set of 9 water play tiles or a set of 25 water play tiles. This makes the EXIT Sprinqle suitable for small or larger groups of children. Inside the water tiles are little fountains that provide lovely coolness on hot summer days!

Water toys musthave for the summer: the EXIT Sprinqle

Controlling the water with the foot controller

The EXIT Sprinqle is standardly provided with a foot controller. This enables you to control the fountains with your foot. Connect your garden hose to the panel and let yourself be surprised by one of the three included games. Tap your foot on the panel once for the first game, twice for the second game and three times for the third game.

Water toys musthave for the summer: the EXIT Sprinqle

Interactive water toy with an App

Unique about the EXIT Toys water tiles is that they can be controlled by foot as well as with an App. Cool! The Sprinqle App works with the tiles through Bluetooth. The App can be downloaded for free in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. Done? Then you’re ready for hours of water fun.


The Sprinqle App consists of no less than seven games. Test your response time with the game “Catch”, jump over the water jets with the game “3 for 3” or try to avoid the water jets with “Random”. The App is fun for kids and parents: you can use the App to easily control the Exit Sprinqle and parents can stay at a safe distance. That way you’ll stay dry, and you’ll have time to enjoy a refreshing drink!

Water toys musthave for the summer: the EXIT Sprinqle


In addition to the seven games in the App, you have the option to determine for yourself which play tile the water jet will come from. This makes the EXIT Sprinqle highly interactive! In the app you can see all play tiles in an easy layout. Click on it and try to hit the person on the tiles. Can you conquer the water jets?

Create the most beautiful shapes with the water tiles

The Sprinqle water play tiles of EXIT Toys can easily be laid in a shape and size of your choice. Lay them in a square, a straight line, or even in the shape of a hopscotch path! By means of connection pieces you can easily click them together. With the included EXIT click-cubes you can make the most beautiful figures on the water tiles. By making figures or letters with the click-cubes, the EXIT Sprinqle is super educational too: how well can you already count and write?

Water toys musthave for the summer: the EXIT Sprinqle

Water jets of up to 3 meters high

The EXIT Sprinqle is provided with 9 water jets. These will bring playing outdoors with water to great heights: the water jets can go up to 3 meters high! Would you rather have water jets that are less high? With the pressure regulator on the control panel you can adjust how high you want the water fountains to spray their water jets. That way, the little ones can also enjoy the water fun. EXIT tip: try to catch the water jets and let them go higher and higher. How high can you go?

Water toys musthave for the summer: the EXIT Sprinqle

Safety first

Of course EXIT Toys has also thought of the safety. You can for example easily click an edge around the tiles. This ensures that playing barefoot on the water tiles can be done without a care. The EXIT Sprinqle also has an anti-slip structure, so the play tiles don’t suddenly change into a belly slide!

Would you like more information? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about the Sprinqle? Let us know! Contact us through the chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

Water toys musthave for the summer: the EXIT Sprinqle
Written by: Carolien

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