What are the differences between the basketball systems from EXIT Toys?
15 mei 2023

What are the differences between the basketball systems from EXIT Toys?

EXIT Toys has a large variety of basketball systems to suit every kind of basketball player. But then which basketball system would you go for? Below you can read all about the different basketball systems:

Galaxy basketball systems

The Galaxy basketball systems are available in different versions and sizes. The system can be adjusted to five different positions: 230 - 245 - 260 - 285 - 305 cm. And the highest position is used for senior basketball matches. The Galaxy basketball system comes in two varieties, one with a transparent basketball backboard and one with a matt black basketball backboard. The transparent basketball backboard is used for professional basketball matches, whereas the matt black version serves as a real eyecatcher in your garden.

Mounted to the wall, in the ground or maybe portable?

The Galaxy series from EXIT Toys is available in different varieties: as a basketball system for wall mounting, ground mounting or as a portable basketball system. The difference between the mounted versions and the portable version is that the portable backboard can easily be moved to different places. Do you like to play on the drive with your neighbours, or do you prefer to practice dunking in the backyard? The portable Galaxy makes it all possible!


The Galaxy mobile basketball system has three wheels so that it won’t tilt when it is being moved. This also makes it extra easy for kids to handle. And because the frame of the backboard slants backward there is more space to move around it.

What are the differences between the basketball systems from EXIT Toys?

Like a Comet

With its mere 41 kg the Comet is the lightest basketball system of the EXIT Toys range. This system can be adjusted to 6 different positions: 230 - 245 - 260 - 275 - 290 - 305 cm. To change the position, you tilt the basket and slide the basketball backboard up and down. De Comet has two wheels: also, this system has to be tilted forward when you want to move it. The EXIT Comet basketball system always comes with a transparent basketball backboard.

Slam dunk: which basketball hoop will you go for?

Will you choose the secured basketball hoop, or would you rather go for a dunk hoop attached to your basketball board? Unlike the mounted hoop, the dunk hoop has been designed to move while dunking. Because the basketball hoop is flexible, the backboard will not get damaged. Have you mastered the perfect slam dunk?


Play basketball whenever you feel like it? With a basketball system from EXIT Toys you can! Turn your garden, driveway, or playground into a court, practice your skills and become undefeatable thanks to the EXIT Toys basketball systems.

All differences in a row

You will find the differences between the basketball systems in the overview below. Tip: click on the schedule for an enlarged version.

More information? Call, email or chat with us!

Do you have additional questions about our basketball systems? Please let us know! Contact us via chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or email us at info@exittoys.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

What are the differences between the basketball systems from EXIT Toys?
Written by: Laura

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