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  • EXIT pool test strips (50 items)

EXIT pool test strips (50 items)

EXIT pool test strips (50 items)EXIT pool test strips (50 items)EXIT pool test strips (50 items)EXIT pool test strips (50 items)
EXIT pool test strips (50 items)
EXIT pool test strips (50 items)
EXIT pool test strips (50 items)
EXIT pool test strips (50 items)

EXIT pool test strips (50 items)

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  • 3-in-1 strips
  • Test chlorine, pH and alkalinity
  • Checks the quality of the water
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EXIT pool test strips (50 items)

With the EXIT pool test strips, you can check the quality of your pool water. To keep the water clean, we advise you to check the swimming pool water frequently. Using this 3-in-1 test strips, measure the quality of the swimming pool water by means of the chlorine content, the pH-level and the total alkalinity of the water.

Hold the EXIT pool test strip completely under the water to determine the quality of the water. After 5 seconds, remove the test strip and hold it horizontally without shaking off the water. You can now compare the colours on the strip with the colours on the packaging. The light colours that appear indicate a shortage, while the darker colours indicate a too great quantity. The test strip let you see whether there is enough or too little chlorine in the water, for example. Once you have a clear picture, you can adjust the quantity of chlorine (release) in the water.

If you want clean and healthy swimming water, then test the water at least two times per week and take action if the level is to high or too low. If the pool water is covered for a while and not used for swimming, then the water has to be tested only as soon as the pool is used once again.

Use the EXIT pool test strips to check whether your pool water is still sufficiently clean, clear and hygienic and keep your swimming pool ready for use!

Standard included

  • 50 pool test strips

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Requires assembly
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