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EXIT square Freezone trampoline safety tile ø305cm / ø366cm / ø427cm / 244x427cm / 275x458cm / 305x519cmFreeZone Square tile 539x539x45 - set of 2 piecesFreeZone Square tile 539x539x45 - set of 3 pieces
EXIT square Freezone trampoline safety tile ø305cm / ø366cm / ø427cm / 244x427cm / 275x458cm / 305x519cm
FreeZone Square tile 539x539x45 - set of 2 pieces
FreeZone Square tile 539x539x45 - set of 3 pieces

EXIT square Freezone safety tile 54x54cm

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  • Perfect fall protection
  • Has a natural look and feel
  • Hardly visible in the garden
  • Easy assemblance (including connectors)
  • Meets European safety requirements
  • From 50, free shipping

  • Personal advice, also via chat!

  • Excellent warranty conditions

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EXIT square Freezone safety tile 54x54cm

The separate square Freezone safety tile is multifunctional and suitable as fall protection for our EXIT trampolines, GetSet play and sports units, Aksent play towers and Spinner seesaw. You can also use them with other trampolines, swings, slides, and tumble bars. So you can let your children play outdoors without any worries. Because the grass grows through these rubber tiles with fall protection, you keep a beautiful lawn. This is part number ST5391 in the manual.

Optimal safety

Playing safely is always a top priority at EXIT Toys! Our EXIT safety tiles are tested and approved in accordance with European Standard 71 (EN 71). This means that the tiles meet all safety requirements. They are shock-absorbent and offer sufficient cushioning up to a fall height of 1.5 metres. Thanks to the unique EXIT safety tiles, children can climb, clamber, swing, and tumble outside without any worries.

General characteristics

Article number
EAN code
Component group
Dynamic trampolines
Suitable for
ø 305 cm, ø 366 cm, ø 427 cm, 244 x 427 cm, 275 x 458 cm, 305 x 519 cm
Quality mark(s)
Quality mark(s)

Which quality marks does the product have and which European safety standards does it meet?

  • TÜV / Intertek: this product is tested for safety by a reputable and certified testing authority.
  • EN: this product is approved according to a European safety standard. The figure after EN refers to the relevant European safety standard(s) used in testing this product.
  • CE: this mark indicates that the product was designed and manufactured in compliance with the legal requirements regarding safety, health and the environment.
  • GS: Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) is an additional certificate and it means that the product meets the German standard – and if applicable also the European standard – for safe use.
  • FSC: the FSC quality mark is proof that the wood for this product originates from a forest managed according to the international FSC standard for sustainable forest management.


Freezone safety tiles

Green, Black
Which colour are the Freezone safety tiles?
Which material are the Freezone safety tiles made of?
Which HIC-value do the Freezone safety tiles have? The HIC-value lets us know if the tiles can absorb the shock of a fall. The HIC-value under 1000 means that the surface is suitable for the tested fall height. The tested fall eight for our tiles is 1.5 meters. So, children can jump safely!
10 years
What is the warranty period on the Freezone safety tiles?
Which shape do the Freezone safety tiles have? We deliver different shapes of safety tiles, depending on the shape and size of the trampoline. This way they will fit closely around the trampoline which will allow for safe jumping.
Size of square tile
54 x 54 x 4,5 cm
Size of square tile
What is the size of the square Freezone safety tile? (Length x width x height).
Weight square tile
7,7 kg
Weight square tile
How much does the square Freezone safety tile weigh?

Packaging information


EAN code
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm
53.9 x 53.9 x 4.5
Gross weight (in kg)
Number of

Delivery within 2 - 3 days

Delivery by DPD

Note: delivery times may vary due to possible delays at border customs (UK).

This product is delivered to your home by DPD. As soon as the order is shipped, we send you an e-mail with the track & trace link of DPD so that you can follow the shipment. You can also adjust the delivery time and address.

If DPD cannot deliver the order, the transport service will first try to deliver it to one of your neighbours. If this does not succeed, then the package can be picked up the following business day at the nearest DPD pick-up point. In that case, the transport service will leave you a note with the address where you can pick up the package.

Note: an order may consist of several packages, which - in exceptional cases - may not be delivered on the same day.

Note: all our products are delivered non-assembled, but you can easily assemble them yourself with the help of the included manual.


How can I get new parts for my EXIT outdoor toys?

How can I order new parts for my EXIT outdoor toys?

02 januari 2023 At EXIT Toys you can order new parts for your outdoor toys. So, if you have lost a part or if a part is in need of replacement after years of use?
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