Play ideas for the EXIT metal climbing domes
19 maart 2024

Play ideas for the EXIT metal climbing domes

The metal climbing domes of EXIT Toys are perfect for true clamberers and in addition, they offer much more playing fun! In this blog we’ve lined up 4 play ideas for these multifunctional climbing domes. Whether you choose the large size for outdoor use or the compact size for outdoor and indoor use, playing with a climbing dome is possible with multiple children at once. Have a look for some inspiration!

Climbing routes and acrobatics

Children practice their agility by climbing the EXIT metal climbing dome in different ways. They can map out different routes on the climbing dome. Do they make their way to the top like real mountain climbers or have they come up with a different climbing route? They can for example climb horizontally or vertically and not just on the outside, but also on the inside. And the really skilled clamberers climb straight through the holes! The options are endless! After a thorough practice they can even star in an acrobatics show for the parents. Which impressive tricks will they be showing on the climbing dome in the backyard?

Play ideas for the EXIT metal climbing domes

A game for all children

Invite the neighbourhood kids, nephews and nieces and organize an exciting competition on the climbing dome. Have the children start their climb from different sides for example and see who reaches the top first. Or divide the children into teams, each team with a different colour. Add a few competitive elements with a game challenge using paper or flags in the colours of the team. Hang the paper or flags on various climbing stones of the climbing dome. The team that collects all items of their colour first, wins the challenge.


The children can also play a game in which they don’t have to climb. The metal tubes of the climbing dome are strong enough to hang on, so see which one of the children can hold on the longest or who can pull up the most times. The games on the EXIT climbing dome provide an exciting experience and playful moments. Do hold the maximum number of children on the domes into account: 2 children on the EXIT metal climbing dome ø6ft and 3 children on the EXIT metal climbing dome ø10ft.

Guard the fortress

For even more action, the climbing dome can be turned into a real fortress. Hang some blankets or sheets over the climbing dome but be sure to also keep some spaces uncovered: that way children can strategically spy through the holes. Divide the children into teams and let every team make their own flag with colours and symbols. Attach the flag to the fortress and let the children get ready for the ultimate battle. One team guards the fortress and prevents the other team from entering it. The guards of the fortress climb on the metal tubes of the climbing dome and are on the lookout for danger. The roles can be reversed as soon as one team enters the fortress of the other team. This adventurous fortress game promises teamwork and strategy for all young warriors!

Play ideas for the EXIT metal climbing domes

A cosy hut as a play paradise

Create a cosy little hut, reading corner or even a cuddle paradise underneath the EXIT metal climbing dome! Just like with the fortress you hang some blankets or sheets over the climbing dome. With some cushions underneath the climbing dome children have their own cosy space to retreat in. Decorate the top of the dome with light garlands, so children can enjoy their own starry sky. The tubes and climbing stones of the climbing dome are perfect to hang fun things like (plastic) plants on to make the little hut even more cosy!


The little hut can for example be transformed into a real cuddle paradise. Let children organise a tea party or a picknick with their furry friends. Or how about a reading corner? All the books of the children fit underneath the dome and that way this library forms the perfect occasion to read alone, together, or even to read a bedtime story to the dog or the cat!


With the EXIT metal climbing domes the options are endless and your house or garden will become the go-to place for adventurous but also cosy play moments. Check out the metal climbing domes in pastel colours here. How will your children be using the climbing dome?

Play ideas for the EXIT metal climbing domes
Written by: Laura

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