Playing outside in the rain
16 maart 2023

Playing outside in the rain

Stomping in puddles on the street or messing about with mud in the garden: playing outside in the rain is a great adventure. Are you looking for fun outdoor activities for a rainy day? Pull out your rain suit and boots and go play with these tips from EXIT Toys!

Sailing a boat in rain puddles

With a bit of imagination, you can turn rain puddles in the street into a little lake to sail your boats in. Who knows, perhaps you can even dig canals, complete with weirs and dams! Don’t have a toy boat at your disposal? No problem! You can make a little boat from a simple cork and flag stick.

Playing outside in the rain

EXIT Toys tip: do you want to sail a boat without having to depend on rain? With the EXIT AquaFlow water track you can pump the sailing water up and let it flow down. That way you control your own river.

Mud fest

When it’s raining, nature gives you the best toy ever: mud! With mud you can mess about and do all sorts of fun things. In the sand pit or play kitchen for example, you can make mud pies, cupcakes, sand pancakes or ice-cream. Use old pans, plastic bottles, cutlery, baking moulds and other kitchenware for this.

Playing outside in the rain

Do you really want to go all out? Then create your own mudslide to slide over! Place a tarpaulin on the ground and take turns making a running start to slide over the slippery mudslide. A guaranteed success!

Animal quest

When it’s raining, all kinds of animals appear that don't show up when the weather is nice. Go seek some worms, snails and frogs on a rainy day and discover which hidden animal friends live in your garden. Take a magnifying glass and start your animal quest!

After reading this blog we can imagine that you can’t wait for it to start raining again! EXIT Toys wishes you loads of playing fun!

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Playing outside in the rain
Written by: Liza

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