What are the differences between the Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys?
07 mei 2023

What are the differences between the Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys?

The Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys give you so much to choose from: The trampoline comes in six colours and sizes and is available on legs as well as inground. In addition to that the Elegant collection offers you the choice between an Elegant trampoline with an Economy safety net or an Elegant Premium trampoline with a Deluxe safety net. So, what exactly is the difference between these trampolines and the safety nets? EXIT Toys explains in detail:

Super sturdy frame

Luckily you have come to the right place, because all the EXIT Elegant trampolines have all you need when it comes to sturdiness! This is because the entire range of these trampolines are supported by the same frame: a stylish frame made super sturdy with its solid legs and top rail. Extremely unique in this range are the round trampolines on legs. Its L-shaped legs, also known as the Ultimate Stability Frame, ensure that the trampoline cannot tilt: a real upgrade in the world of trampolines.

Jump high in the sky!

What exactly makes the Elegant different from the Elegant Premium trampoline? It’s all in the bounce experience! The double conical springs of the Elegant and the Elegant Premium offer a good and even bounce. It is the length and wire thickness of the springs that makes the difference in the way the bounce is experienced. Read about the difference in quality of the springs. The springs of the Elegant trampoline are 17.7 centimeters long and provide the perfect bounce for young and less experienced users. However the springs of the Elegant Premium, with their length of 21.6 centimeters, are considerably longer. That’s why the Elegant Premium trampoline belongs to the golden EXIT Toys category: this trampoline allows you to jump extra high for the ultimate bounce experience!

What are the differences between the Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys?

Quality and safety

The Elegant Premium trampoline also has an advantage concerning quality. Just take a look at the padding: the water resistant PVC layer on the outside enables the padding to last longer. The Elegant Premium even has a 0.60 mm thick PVC top layer, which makes the padding extra durable.


Because you can jump extra high on an Elegant Premium trampoline, the padding is thicker than that of a regular Elegant trampoline. Even when the jump fails your landing will still be super soft. The regular Elegant trampoline does on the other hand have another plus: the padding is less long because the springs are shorter. This allows for an extra large bounce surface which means there is also more room for carrying out stunts!

What are the differences between the Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys?

Economy versus Deluxe safety net

A safety net is always included with the Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys: an Economy safety net with a regular Elegant and a Deluxe safety net with an Elegant Premium. Both safety nets have a childproof entrance with an overlapping door, but there are also some differences. The Deluxe safety net has extra thick poles to keep the safety net securely in place and high quality XPE foam to cover the poles.

What are the differences between the Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys?

In addition, the Deluxe safety net not only has a glass fibre ring at the top of the net like the Economy safety net, but also an extra ring at the bottom: this enables the net to stretch extra tight. Whichever safety net your Elegant trampoline may have, they will protect you even during your wildest jumps!

The finishing touch

Green, grey, red, blue, black or purple: choose your own coloured skirt for an added personal touch to your Elegant trampoline. And if you would like to change the colour after a while, simply order a new one in our webshop. The skirt of the Elegant Premium trampoline on legs is also longer than usual: This way you can really steal the show in your own garden. Choose your favourite EXIT Elegant trampoline and endless hours of fun can start right now!

What are the differences between the Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys?

More information? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any additional questions regarding EXIT Elegant trampolines? Let us know! We will gladly provide you with personal advice. Contact us via chat, call us at +31 314 - 796 020 or email us at info@exittoys.com. We are jumping for joy to help you!

What are the differences between the Elegant trampolines from EXIT Toys?
Written by: Laura

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