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  • EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm

EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm

EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cmEXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cmEXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cmEXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cmEXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm
EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm
EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm
EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm
EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm
EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm

EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm

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  • Easy to mount
  • Extends the pool's lifespan
  • Protects against outdoor influences
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Suitable for

EXIT Premium pool cover 540x250cm

The EXIT Premium pool cover is a high quality black cover and protects the pool against weather influences and outside dirt. The cover is suitable for rectangular frame pools with dimensions of 540 x 250 centimetres

Sturdy and smart

The Premium covers are made of thick and strong PVC, which gives them a more luxurious look compared to our standard covers. The cover can be mounted easily and sturdily using the ropes at the sides of the cover; the drain holes ensure that no water remain on the cover. Are you done with swimming for now and don’t want any dirt coming into the pool water? Keep the water clean with the EXIT cover and that way increase the lifespan of your swimming pool!

Standard included

  • Premium cover for pool size 540 x 250 cm

General characteristics

Article number
EAN code
Product group
Swimming pool accessories
540 x 250 cm

What is the shape of the pool?


From which materials do we manufacture the product?

Thickness material
Thickness material
What is the thickness of the material of the product?
0.35 mm
Requires assembly
Requires assembly
Before using, the product first has to be assembled. The product is not delivered ready-to-use.
Quality mark(s)
Quality mark(s)

Which quality marks does the product have and which European safety standards does it meet?

  • TÜV / Intertek: this product is tested for safety by a reputable and certified testing authority.
  • EN: this product is approved according to a European safety standard. The figure after EN refers to the relevant European safety standard(s) used in testing this product.
  • CE: this mark indicates that the product was designed and manufactured in compliance with the legal requirements regarding safety, health and the environment.
  • GS: Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) is an additional certificate and it means that the product meets the German standard – and if applicable also the European standard – for safe use.
  • FSC: the FSC quality mark is proof that the wood for this product originates from a forest managed according to the international FSC standard for sustainable forest management.


Weather resistant
Weather resistant
Is the product resistant to weather influences, such as sunlight, rain, hail, snow and wind?
How long is the warranty on this product?
1 year



What is the maximum length of this product?

540 cm

What is the maximum width of this product?

250 cm

What is the total weight of the product, including the packaging?

- kg

Other characteristics

Drainage holes
Drainage holes
Are there a few holes in the cloth or tarpaulin so water can drain properly? If there are no drainage holes in the cloth or tarpaulin, water or snow can remain on top of it and damage the product.

Suitable for - -

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Delivery by DPD

This product is delivered to your home by DPD. As soon as the order is shipped, we send you an e-mail with the track & trace link of DPD so that you can follow the shipment. You can also adjust the delivery time and address.

If DPD cannot deliver the order, the transport service will first try to deliver it to one of your neighbours. If this does not succeed, then the package can be picked up the following business day at the nearest DPD pick-up point. In that case, the transport service will leave you a note with the address where you can pick up the package.

Note: an order may consist of several packages, which - in exceptional cases - may not be delivered on the same day.

Note: all our products are delivered non-assembled, but you can easily assemble them yourself with the help of the included manual.


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