Common questions about outdoor toys

Assembling the EXIT GetSet

Do I need special tools to assemble the GetSet?

To assemble a GetSet unit, you will need the following tools: a rubber mallet, spirit level, shovel, and tape measure.

Furthermore, make sure you have enough quick concrete for the anchoring (see instructions). It is also handy to have a bucket of water ready.

Tip: using a ratchet socket spanner or a socket set for the cordless drill makes the assembly a lot faster.

My GetSet is unstable. How do I fix this?

We recommend retightening all bolts and nuts some time after placing the GetSet. For the stability of a GetSet unit, it is also important that about half of the triangle of the ground anchor is covered with quick concrete. The holes for the anchoring may have been slightly deeper than 35 centimetres. This may leave you a little short of concrete to fill the holes. Is this the case? Then dig off the sand again and continue filling the hole with quick concrete until the ground anchor triangle is well set in the concrete.

Can I setup my EXIT GetSet differently from what the images show?

With the GetSet power stations, it is technically possible to attach the gym frame to the tower at an angle instead of placing it in line with the unit, as indicated in the manual and on our website.

However, the GetSet power stations are only approved in the set-up mentioned above. A manual and step-by-step foundation plan is therefore not available for a corner setup. If there are new versions or extensions of the GetSet, we will supply these as an approved, complete product, i.e. including instructions and a step-by-step plan for the foundation.

Please note: for safe use of the GetSet units with accessories, we recommend never attaching a punching bag and exercise bar next to a swing.

If you place the GetSet in a corner unit, be careful when several people are using it at the same time.

Does an EXIT GetSet climbing wall also fit at a different place on the GetSet?

With the GetSet power stations, it is technically possible to attach the climbing wall to the tower in a different place. In this case, our advice is to swap the climbing wall and the gym bench, as the GetSet power stations have been approved in this design.

Is it possible to disassemble and reassemble the GetSet?

Yes, you can disassemble the GetSet and reassemble it in another place. Always check that the parts are technically in order before reassembling the unit. When in doubt, please feel free to contact our customer service.


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