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Padel rebounder

Is the EXIT Smash padel rebounder suitable for tennis with a tennis racket and tennis ball?

Yes. The EXIT Smash padel rebounder has been developed for padel but can also be used for tennis practice. Do note that with tennis, the ball has a lot more speed, so perhaps the rebounder should be used in a different way.

Is the Smash padel rebounder suitable for pickleball?

No, a pickleball doesn’t have enough weight to get a proper bounce in the rebounder! Due to this, our padel rebounder is not suitable for pickleball.

Is the Smash padel rebounder suitable to be used at a padel club?

Yes, the rebounder forms a great asset for a padel club to be used for example as a warmup, or as an extra tool for padel practice. The rebounder can also be used independently in between competitions or when the padel courts are busy or occupied. The Smash padel rebounder has been tested for home use. Therefore, tennis and padel clubs are responsible for the correct use of the rebounder themselves.

Do I need padel experience to use this rebounder?

No, the EXIT Smash padel rebounder is suitable for players of every level. Also for novice padel players, the rebounder is perfect to practice basis strokes with. Check out our blogs for an explanation on the various individual padel strokes and padel exercises for every level.

Which exercises can I practice with the Smash padel rebounder?

The forehand, backhand, forehand volley, backhand volley, smash and many more exercises can be practiced with this rebounder. Check our practice videos and blogs with an explanation about padel strokes and exercises for more information.

Does the padel rebounder come with a racket and a ball?

No, we do not provide a racket or ball with this rebounder.

How much space do I need for the Smash padel rebounder?

The maximum required depth is 5 meters (16.4 feet), including the rebounder. The distance from the player to the rebounder is 100-300 cm (3 – 10 feet).

Which surface is suitable?

In order to make optimal use of the Smash padel rebounder we recommend placing the rebounder on a flat, hard surface. That way, the ball can easily bounce and more strokes can be practiced. The rebounder can also be used on a grass surface, but then the strokes for which the ball needs to bounce, might be limited.

Can the EXIT Smash padel rebounder be used with two players?

Yes, if two players stand next to each other, they can play padel together. They can then take turns hitting the ball into the net.

What age is the padel rebounder suitable for?

The rebounder is suitable for players of all ages. Padel is a fun sport for children from approximately 6 years and up. In addition, the sport is highly suitable for adults of all ages.

Can the rebounder stay outside all year round?

Yes, the materials of the padel rebounder are suitable to withstand normal weather conditions. The steal frame has a powder coating that is rustproof. The elastics have a protection against drying out. During severe weather conditions we recommend storing the rebounder in a dry place.

Can I use the rebounder inside as well?

Yes, if you have enough space for it you can also use the padel rebounder inside. The rebounder has plastic legs so your floor will not get damaged and the rebounder will stay firmly in place.

Can I easily move and store the Smash padel rebounder?

Yes, the rebounder has a light weight (12kg) and is easy to fold into a more compact size. This makes it easy to move and store.

How can the tension of the net be adjusted?

This is explained in the manual by means of images. The net can be easily adjusted by wrapping the elastic band around the frame and looping it around the back. This instantly changes the tension of the net, making the ball come back harder on impact.

Can the angle of the net be adjusted?

No, the EXIT Smash padel rebounder has been developed in such a way that the angles are perfect to practice all padel strokes with.

Does the Smash padel rebounder make a lot of noise?

This rebounder is virtually noiseless! However, as with standard padel, you can hear the strokes of the racket against the ball.

What are the markings on the net for?

The markings on the net are the targets. These targets serve to support the exercises. They mark the spot for the best rebound and allow you to practice your accuracy.


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