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EXIT GetSet accessories

Can I also order the GetSet accessories separately?

All play and sports accessories for the GetSet can also be ordered separately. Convenient if you would like to add a new accessory to your GetSet or if you want to replace an accessory.

Attention: for safe use of the GetSet units with accessories we recommend to never place a punching bag and exercise bar next to a swing.

The plastic gymnastic rings are suitable for everyone aged 14 and up. For the safe use of the GetSet gymnastic rings we recommend raising them up high after use, so children cannot reach them.

The barbell holders are delivered without barbell bar. For safe use we recommend safely storing a barbell bar after use, out of the reach of children.

Does every GetSet accessory fit an EXIT GetSet?

The GetSet play and/or sports accessories fit the various GetSet units.

Do keep in mind that for a safe use of the GetSet with accessories, it is recommendable to never attach a punching bag and exercise bar next to a swing.

Can I change the GetSet accessories?

You can change the play and/or sports accessories of your GetSet to your heart's content. The GetSet is designed in such a way that most accessories can easily be changed with a convenient suspension system. With the quick release system with carabiner you can simply hang up the GetSet accessories. Would you like to remove an accessory? Then just simply click it out of the carabiner and that's it!

When your child is bored of an accessory you can temporarily remove it and replace it with a different GetSet play accessory. That way, playing outside stays fun and varied!

Have you purchased a GetSet play unit and have the kids meanwhile become adolescents? Then you can vary by combining the play accessories with sports accessories. The GetSet grows along with you and your family!

Would you like to include a new exercise in your workout on the GetSet, then you can remove an accessory and attach a new sports accessory to the frame. That way you can enjoy your multifunctional GetSet for years to come!

Attention: For safe use of the GetSet with accessories we recommend never attaching a punching bag and an exercise bar next to a swing.

How many accessories are maximum allowed on the GetSet?

To a GetSet from the MB200, PS500 and PS600 series, two accessories can be attached in the middle of the monkey bar. You can also attach an accessory to both sides. The GetSet from the MB300 series has room for no less than three accessories.

Attention: for a safe use of the GetSet with accessories we recommend never attaching a punching bag and exercise bar next to a swing.

Which size barbell bar fits the GetSet?

The GetSet barbell holder’s fit barbell bars with a minimum (inner) dimension of 120 centimetres.

Which size battle rope fits the GetSet?

The thickness of a battle rope usually lies between 2.5 and 5 cm. When purchasing a battle rope, do make sure that the battle rope fits through the GetSet battle rope rings; these rings have an (inner) diameter of 6.5 cm.

Can I also use the GetSet accessories on a play or sports unit from a different brand?

All GetSet accessories are exclusively intended for use on EXIT GetSet units and are not suitable for play and sports units of other brands.

Can I also use accessories of a different brand on my GetSet unit?

Suitable GetSet accessories are available for the GetSet units. We cannot guarantee that accessories of other brands fit the GetSet or that they can be used safely.


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