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Common questions about outdoor toys

(Dis)assembling the pool

The corners of my EXIT pool seem to be loose. Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct. In the rectangular pools sized 400 x 200 x 100 cm, 400 x 200 x 122 cm, 540 x 250 x 100 cm and 540 x 250 x 122 cm the corner pieces have a smaller diameter than the tubes in which they are placed. This extra space is necessary because of the pressure the water puts on the liner. By slack in the frame, the water can properly distribute and prevent the liner from tearing.

The long sides of my EXIT pool curve inwards, is this normal?

Yes, a rectangular EXIT swimming pool always bends a few centimetres inwards. With larger pools of 100 or 122 cm in height the pool can bend inwards by about 30 to 40 cm during the filling. Don’t worry, this will correct itself as soon as the pool fills up. Is the pool still bending inwards after the filling? Then there is too little water in the pool and the frame and liner get too little counter pressure. Refill the pool.

Does your EXIT pool have a strong inward curve but less than 100 cm? Then check whether the long tubes are connected to the long sides of the pool and the short tubes to the short sides. Good to know: there is only a small visible difference between these tubes. Check the different lengths in the manual.

Can I leave my EXIT pool outside throughout the whole year?

No, our EXIT swimming pools are only suitable for the warmer seasons of the year, so not for autumn or winter. In our blog you can read all about how to make your pool winter proof.

How can I disassemble my EXIT swimming pool and store it away?

In the blog ‘How can I make my swimming pool winter proof?’ you can read all about disassembling and storing away your EXIT swimming pool.

Can the filter pump be used to empty the swimming pool?

If you have a sand filter pump, you can use it for emptying the pool. With the other EXIT filter pumps this is not possible.