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Common questions about outdoor toys
Filling the pool
How many litres of water go into my EXIT pool?

We recommend filling an EXIT pool to a maximum of 90% with water. Below you can see how many litres of water our pools contain:

244x76cm - 2780 litres 220x150x65cm - 1800 litres
300x76cm -  4383 litres 300x200x65cm - 3700 litres
360x76cm -  6125 litres 400x200x100cm - 7020 litres
360x122cm - 10126 litres 540x250x100cm - 12600 litres
427x122cm - 14758 litres 400x200x122cm - 8870 litres
450x122cm - 15233 litres 540x250x122cm - 13465 litres
488x122cm - 19330 litres  
What do I need to consider when filling up my EXIT swimming pool?

When you fill up the pool it is important to fill it up at least to the level of the lowest hole of the filter pump connector and until it is covered with a generous layer of water. The upper hole (where the clean water flows back out into the pool) may stay above the water. Please note: the frame of the 100 – 122 cm high swimming pools can have the tendency to draw to the inside at the beginning. This will be resolved automatically once the pool is filled up to a sufficient level.

I don't want to or can't fill my pool to 90 per cent, is this okay?

Yes you can, as long as you make sure that the inlet and outlet valves are under water. In large rectangular pools the top rail (the upper frame tubes) will bend in that case.

Can I walk off when filling up the swimming pool?

As soon as you start filling up the pool with water, it would be wise to check it regularly to see if everything is still going as it should. That’s why we advise you not to leave the house and to avoid leaving the pool unattended for a longer period of time. Especially at the beginning it is important to see if the pool is being filled up evenly, that there are no more creases left at the bottom, that the frame and the legs remain sturdy in place.