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Maintaining the pool

Do I need to put chlorine in my swimming pool water?

To keep the swimming pool water clean, therefore also the pool itself, we do advise to add chlorine to the water. Chlorine disinfects the water and keeps it free of bacteria and mould.

Be sure that you don't add the chlorine tablets directly into the water, but that you use a floating chlorine dispenser. The EXIT chlorine dispenser ensures that the chlorine disperses evenly throughout the pool water. Using the adjustable knob, you can determine how many chlorine tables you release in a given period.

Be careful not to add too much or too little chlorine to the water. Using the EXIT test strips, you can measure the chlorine content and the quality of the swimming pool water. Take measures if the value is too high or too low. If you have doubts about your pool water, then contact a swimming pool expert in your area.

Can I put salt in the swimming pool water instead of chlorine?

Yes, instead of chlorine, you can add salt to the pool water. All EXIT Toys swimming pools, pool domes and canopies can withstand both chlorine and salt. Using a saltwater filter does increase the risk of rust on domes and canopies. Therefore, at the end of each day that the pool is used, clean the frame of the dome and/or canopy with clean tap water. When you buy a salt-water system, make sure that the connections have a diameter of 32 mm.

How do I keep the swimming pool clean?

Keeping your swimming pool and its water clean depends on various factors.

All our EXIT swimming pools are delivered with a filter pump. A filter pump filters the dirt out of the water and that way keeps it clean. Furthermore, add a disinfectant agent, such as chlorine, to the pool water. Chlorine disinfects and keeps the water free of bacteria and mould.

To keep your swimming pool clean, it is also important to maintain the good quality of the pool water. You need to have a good balance between the chlorine content, the pH value and the total alkalinity of the water. With the EXIT test strips, you can test the quality of the water and take measures as soon as these values are too high or too low.

To protect your swimming pool against weather influences and outdoor dirt, we recommend using a swimming pool top cover. A swimming pool ground cover prevents damage and the formation of mould on the underside. View our selection of swimming pool covers.

If dirt nevertheless gets into the pool, you can remove it with the EXIT pool maintenance kit. Use the scoop net to collect the dirt from the water and use the vacuum head to give the swimming pool bottom an intensive cleaning round.

Why is it so important to give the pool water the necessary treatment?

Dirty pool water can have a negative effect on your health and can also damage the pump. By checking the water regularly and by giving it the proper treatment you will prolong the lifespan of the swimming pool so that you can enjoy it longer.

The tubes of my swimming pool frame don't seem to fit. How is this possible?

The tubes of the rectangular swimming pools sized 220 x 150 x 65 cm and 300 x 200 x 65 cm all seem to be equal. Still there is a small difference in length. Therefore, carefully check the length of the tubes. The longer tubes should be placed on the long side of the swimming pools and the short ones fit the short side. You can also see this in the manual.

My swimming pool water is green. What can I do about this?

Algae are often the cause of green swimming pool water. You can take the following steps to get rid of them:

Step 1: Bring the pH-value and the chlorine value up to standard with pH-plus powder, pH-min powder and chlorine tablets. Let them circulate in the water for about 4 hours and check again using the EXIT test strips, which will allow you to easily see if the water has the right pH- and chlorine value.

Step 2: Add a flocculent to the swimming pool water. This ensures that small dirt particles clump together and then sink to the bottom of the pool.

Step 3: Turn off the filter pump for 12 hours.

Stap 4: Suck up the dirt particle lumps with the ‘waste’-stand on your filter pump.

Lots of fun and swimming!

How can I prevent the walls and the bottom of the EXIT swimming pool becoming slippery?

The walls and the bottom of the pool can become quite slippery due to the changing water quality. You can keep track of the water quality by regularly checking the PH-value and testing the chlorine (also read our blog about ‘testing swimming pool water’) and by placing a cover over the pool when it is not in use. Use a soft cloth to wipe the sides of the pool once a week for an extra clean swimming pool.

How can I make sure that the swimming pool water stays warm?

The ideal solution for a higher water temperature is a swimming pool dome. This heats up the pool in a natural way thanks to the heat of the sun and keeps it warm longer. You can also cover the swimming pool with a pool cover. And for even more luxury, we advise the EXIT heat pump.

Can I let animals swim in an EXIT swimming pool?

No, unfortunately our pools are not suitable for pets, like cats and dogs. Their sharp claws and teeth can damage the pool.

The liner of my EXIT pool is leaking, what can I do?

The EXIT swimming pools have been tested many times and are strong enough to take a beating. Yet it can happen that a hole appears in the liner. For this you can use the liner repair kit supplied. This is a repair kit that consists of transparent adhesive strips and a piece of liner. Convenient: the adhesive strips from this set can also be pasted under water, so you can go swimming right away!

How does fixing small holes in the liner work?

  1. Use the transparent adhesive strips and cut it into the desired size.
  2. If the pool is empty: make sure the area around the hole is dry and clean.
  3. Seal the hole with the adhesive strips. For extra strength you can put the hole on the inside and the outside.
  4. Press the adhesive strips well, so they remain firmly in place.

For a long-term solution you can use the liner with the supplied piece of liner. This is how you do this:

  1. Make sure the pool is empty and dry.
  2. Cut the piece of liner into the desired size.
  3. Glue the piece of liner with waterproof soft PCV glue. This can be done both on the inside and outside of the pool.
  4. Let the glue cure properly, see the packaging of the glue.

Does the liner leak at a seam? If so, then please contact our customer service.

Which glue can I use to repair my swimming pool?

To repair your swimming pool apply soft pvc-glue when the liner is completely dry. This is available at all hardware stores. Read the instructions thoroughly before using the glue. Please note hard pvc-glue is absolutely not suitable for repairing your swimming pool.

How can I keep the swimming pool water clean?

In the blog ‘How to keep my swimming pool clean?’ you can read all about the right treatment of the swimming pool. And do you want more information about testing the swimming pool water? The blog ‘testing swimming pool water’ describes how to go about that.

Are EXIT pools phthalate free?

Yes, all our PVC products are free of phthalates.



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