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Pool dome
Does the EXIT pool dome also fit on other swimming pools?

In our blog: ‘Will an EXIT swimming pool dome fit on my pool?’ you can read all about what is possible for your swimming pool.

Is there enough room under the EXIT swimming pool dome?

There is plenty of room to move about under the dome. Due to its shape, the dome’s highest point is in the middle. In the EXIT 400x200cm swimming pool, this is 181 cm high. In swimming pools of 540x250cm, the dome is 220 cm high in the middle. So you can enjoy throwing a ball and you can even stand upright under it in many instances!

If you want to swim while the dome is closed, then we advise you to remove the sides of the dome in order to get enough fresh air. Furthermore, you can always roll up the windows. You roll them up and fasten them with Velcro - very fast and simple!

See the video of the EXIT swimming pool with dome in order to get an idea of the height of the dome.

Can I swim in the swimming pool when the dome is closed?

Make sure there is always plenty of fresh air under the dome when using the pool. Do you have a rectangular dome? Then you can easily take off the sides of the dome or open the windows. It is best to leave the round domes slightly open. Only close off the dome completely with the elastics or bands when the pool is not in use.

Can I get sunburnt under the EXIT swimming pool dome?

The EXIT swimming pool dome provides 60% protection against UV rays, so you will not get burnt very quickly when you swim. That makes swimming safer with an EXIT swimming pool dome; but you should nevertheless use sun protection cream!

How does the EXIT swimming pool dome heat up the water?

The EXIT swimming pool dome uses the sun to heat up the pool. When the sun is out it shines through the dome and heats up the air and the water. The dome then traps the heat. When you leave the dome closed for as long as possible, the water will stay nice and warm so that you can benefit from the sun’s power optimally.

What measures should I take with the dome during strong gusts of wind or a storm?

Make sure that the dome is always affixed using the included elastic bands (whether it’s open or closed). In principle, the dome can take some wind, but if there are strong wind gusts, the dome must be protected. We advise the following:

In quiet weather (up to wind force 2) you can keep the dome either open or closed and even partially unfolded. In wind force from 2 to 6, we advise you keep the dome completely open or completely closed. In case of wind force greater than 6, we advise to have the dome completely open and to anchor it. In case of doubt, unfold the dome so that the pool is hit by as little wind as possible.

How can I clean the dome?

The best way to clean it is to carefully get rid of the dirt with some cold or lukewarm water. Avoid using detergents, hard brushes and abrasive sponges.