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Common questions about outdoor toys

Assembling the trampoline

Can I convert my EXIT inground trampoline without a safety net to an inground trampoline with a safety net?

This is only possible for the EXIT Dynamic groundlevel trampolines. Do you want to convert this EXIT trampoline? Then contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you order the required parts.

Can I convert my EXIT inground trampoline with safety net to an inground trampoline without safety net?

This differs per trampoline series. Do you have an inground trampoline such as the EXIT Silhouette, EXIT Black Edition or EXIT Allure? Then you cannot convert it to an inground trampoline without a safety net; the connectors of these trampolines continue to stick out without a safety net.

Do you have a EXIT Dynamic groundlevel trampoline with safety net? In that case, conversion is possible. You will not be bothered by protruding connectors; these can be removed from the top rail. However, it is important to provide a shock-absorbent surface 1 meter around the jumping area. Think for example of safety tiles. These can be ordered from EXIT Toys in combination with the EXIT Dynamic groundlevel trampoline.

In a rectangular trampoline, can I turn the safety net so that the entrance is at a different location?

No, that is not possible. The fixing holes of the safety net and the cover are made in such a manner that the safety net can fit the padding in only one way.