Common questions about outdoor toys

EXIT Hika playhouse

What do I need in order to assemble this Hika playhouse?

We recommend using a screwdriver. The wood is very soft so be careful not to tighten the screws too far. The tools needed to attach the role play wheel are included as standard. The house mostly has pre-drilled holes. The assembly takes around 60 minutes with two people.

What does or does not come with the Hika playhouse?

The assembly instructions contain an overview of all parts included. Any additional accessories, such as chalk for the chalkboard, mood lights, a bell, etc., are not included.

What ages is the Hika playhouse suitable for?

The playhouse is designed for children from 2 years old and has an age recommendation up to 8 years, depending on the child's height. Inside the playhouse, there is room for up to 2 children to play at the same time.

What role-playing games can you all play with the theme wheel?

There are a total of eight themed icons on the wheel: a shop, doctor, restaurant, theatre, castle, ice cream stand, police station and an animal theme. Of course, there is also still room for your own imagination. See our blog for more inspiration on fun roleplay ideas for the Hika wooden playhouse.

Is the Hika playhouse waterproof?

No, the house is not completely waterproof. The roof does provide a sheltered play area.

Can I move or dismantle the Hika playhouse?

Yes, weighing 24kg, the playhouse can easily be moved by two people. We recommend you do this by picking up the sidewalls. It is also possible to disassemble and reassemble the cottage. For this, it is best to use the manual. Be careful to avoid damage.

Can I touch up my EXIT Hika wooden playhouse in its original colour myself? If so, which RAL colours match best?

Yes, if you want, you can touch up your playhouse with water-based stain. Before you start, carefully read the instructions on the packaging. Below you can see which RAL colours are most similar to the colours of our Hika wooden playhouse.

Playhouse colour Product RAL colour
Black    Water-based stain RAL 9017
White   Water-based stain RAL 9016 



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