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Does an EXIT Toys dome or canopy fit my Intex swimming pool?
11 July 2023

Does an EXIT Toys dome or canopy fit my Intex swimming pool?

Did you know that you can order the swimming pool domes and/or canopies at EXIT Toys separately? In many cases they also fit Intex swimming pools. Are you looking for the right dome and/or canopy for your Intex swimming pool? Then follow the step-by-step plan below and find your matching dome and/or canopy!

Step-by-step plan

Step 1.

Check the chart

This chart includes Intex swimming pools on which our EXIT domes and canopies will definitely fit.

Step 2.

To measure is to know

Is your swimming pool not mentioned in the chart? Not a problem; we do not (yet) know which swimming pool brands and types fit an EXIT Toys dome or canopy. With the dimensions of your Intex swimming pool you can check whether there’s a suitable EXIT dome for your swimming pool. Because in most cases, there is a match!

Step 3.

Ask our advice

Are you having doubts as to whether an EXIT dome or canopy will fit? Or would you like someone to think along with you? Then please feel free to contact us.

Step 1: check the chart

Find the Intex pool you have in your backyard in the chart below. Check whether the item number of your swimming pool is a match. You can find the matching EXIT Toys dome and/or canopy on the right side of the chart. Click on the link for more information about this product or order immediately.

Type Dimension Itemnumber EXIT dome/canopy
Intex Metal Frame 220 x 150 x 60 cm  28270 View
300 x 200 x 75 cm    28272 View
ø 305 x 76 cm  28206
ø 366 x 76 cm 28210
Intex Prism Frame        ø 305 x 76 cm    26700
ø 366 x 76 cm  26710
ø 366 x 99 cm   26715

Step 2: to measure is to know

If your swimming pool is not in the chart then you can check for yourself whether an EXIT swimming pool dome or canopy is suitable for your Intex pool. To do so you only need the dimensions of your swimming pool.


Firstly it’s important to know whether the dimensions of your swimming pool fall within the correct range. You can check this in the chart below. Are they in the correct range? Then you can measure the following points:

✔ The height of your swimming pool must be between 50 and 130 centimetre.

✔ The diameter of the legs should be no more than 40 millimetre.

✔ The diameter of the top rail (the upper tubes) of the swimming pool should be no less than 50 millimetres. The top rail also should not have an oval shape.

✔ A round swimming pool should have an even number of legs. Our EXIT domes and canopies are only suitable for round swimming pools with an even number of legs.


Does your swimming pool meet the measures above? Then an EXIT dome and/or canopy will fit your Intex swimming pool! In the chart below you can easily click to the matching domes and canopies.

Note: rectangular domes sized 400 x 200 cm and 540 x 250 cm do not fit the swimming pools of a different brand.


Size swimming pool Height swimming pool Diameter legs Diameter top rail Even number of legs EXIT dome / canopy
Round ø 240 - 255 cm 50 - 130 cm Up to ø 40 mm Up to ø 50 mm Yes View
Round ø 300 - 310 cm 50 - 130 cm Up to ø 40 mm Up to ø 50 mm Yes View
Round ø 360 - 370 cm 50 - 130 cm Up to ø 40 mm Up to ø 50 mm Yes View
Round ø 420 - 435 cm 50 - 130 cm Up to ø 40 mm Up to ø 50 mm Yes View
Round ø 450 - 460 cm 50 - 130 cm Up to ø 40 mm Up to ø 50 mm Yes View
Round ø 475 - 495 cm 50 - 130 cm Up to ø 40 mm Up to ø 50 mm Yes View
210 x 140 - 220 x 150 cm
50 - 130 cm Up to ø 40 mm Up to ø 50 mm N.v.t. View
290 x 190 - 300 x 200 cm
50 - 130 cm Up to ø 40 mm Up to ø 50 mm N.v.t. View

Step 3: do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Would you like some help in checking whether an EXIT dome and/or swimming pool fits your swimming pool? And if so, which one would be the right one for your swimming pool? Then feel free to contact us; we’re happy to help!

Upgrade your swimming pool with an EXIT dome

With an EXIT swimming pool dome on your frame swimming pool you prevent dirt, like leaves and insects, from ending up in the water. The transparent dome also retains the warmth of the sun. That way the water is heated up naturally and you’ll feel like a fish in the water! And if the weather isn’t all that great, the children can still have fun in the swimming pool, because they won’t be bothered by rain or wind.

EXIT canopy protects against UV radiation

The EXIT Toys canopy offers optimal protection against UV radiation. So if the sun’s out bright, you can keep swimming without a care. The canopy can be easily assembled to the swimming pool and with the fan system you can create complete or partial shade over your swimming pool. That way the children are optimally protected against the sun!

The EXIT canopy is suitable for swimming pools of up to 76 cm tall. You can perfectly combine an EXIT canopy and a dome: guaranteed hours of swimming fun in all weather conditions.

Would you like to find out more? Call, email or chat with us!

Do you have a question about our EXIT domes and canopies? Contact us through the chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We are happy to help, so you can soon enjoy your swimming pool come rain or shine!

Does an EXIT Toys dome or canopy fit my Intex swimming pool?
Written by: Geke