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Swimming pool water testing and treatment
27 juli 2023

Swimming pool water testing and treatment

It is important to test the quality of your pool water regularly. One of the ways to do this is by using the 3-in-1 test strips from EXIT Toys. These test strips measure alkalinity, the pH-value and the chlorine level of the swimming pool water. But how does it work? And what do you need to check if the quality of the water is not what it should be? EXIT explains:

Refreshing and clear swimming pool water

Chlorine is a disinfectant, which is necessary to keep the water free of bacteria, moulds and algae. The pH-value refers to the acidity of the water: With a good pH value, the water is best to swim in and the chlorine can do its job. The alkalinity ensures that these two values remain in balance and is the actual foundation for good swimming pool water.


The quality of the swimming pool water can be interpreted as a domino- effect: without or with the wrong alkalinity the pH-value will become useless, and without or with the wrong pH-value, the chlorine value will be useless. Always keep to this sequence when testing: start with the alkalinity. When that’s set, test and bring the pH-value up to what it should be. And when that’s set, test and bring your chlorine value up to what it should be.

Measure and check

When the pool is used a lot, the values can really fluctuate. That’s why we suggest you test the swimming pool water regularly with the EXIT 3-in-1 teststrips. The 3-in-1 test strips show three different sections that enable you to measure the different values. Keep the EXIT swimming pool test strip completely under water. Take the test strip out after 5 seconds and hold the test strip horizontally without shaking off the water.


You can compare the colours of the test strip to the colours on the packaging. The light colours that appear show a shortage, and the dark colours show a large quantity. Check the packaging to determine if the value is what it should be. If this is not the case, it is time to take action:

Testing swimming pool water

Treat swimming pool water

Always start with the alkalinity, as soon as you see that this is not okay. The alkalinity can be increased with TAC+ and decreased with TAC- powder. Is the amount of alkalinity right and the pH-value (still) not okay? Then you can influence the pH-value with pH- or pH+ powder.


Check the chlorine last of all: Is the alkalinity and the pH-value of the water okay, but is the chlorine value still too high or too low? Is there still too much chlorine in the water, then you don’t really have to take any action. Too much sunlight or many swimmers will allow the chlorine to reach the required level. If it contains too little chlorine, you can increase the chlorine value by adding chlorine tablets to the water. Piece of cake!


More information? Call, email or chat with us!

Do you have questions about the swimming pool test strips? Please let us know! Contact us via chat, call us at +31 314 - 796 020 or email us at info@exittoys.com. We will contact you within 24 hours!

Swimming pool water testing and treatment
Written by: Laura