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Common questions about outdoor toys

Ordering the trampoline

What are the differences between the EXIT Allure and Lotus trampolines?

The Allure and Lotus trampolines differ in terms of their look and material. Do you like a classic look than an EXIT Allure is the perfect choose. This is a rock-solid trampoline with W-shaped legs. Here you have a choice of models on legs, inground, round or rectangular. The round Lotus trampoline has a unique look because of its L-shaped legs. These legs make this trampoline extremely stable.

Both trampoline series are available in a Classic and Premium version. The difference is in the use of other parts, like the springs, the protective edge, and the safety net.

What is the difference between W legs and L legs on a trampoline?

The difference in legs mostly involves the look of the trampoline. Trampolines with W legs have a classic look, while trampolines with the elegant L legs have a unique and modern look. Both types of legs provide a rock-solid and stable trampoline; you can simply choose the one that suits you best.

Which trampoline is best suited for me?

We are pleased to help you make the right choice so that the trampoline that you buy will give you years of pleasure. Use our trampoline selection help, follow the steps and discover which trampoline meets all your wishes!

I see there are different sizes in trampolines, can you explain why?

The trampoline has standard measurements (for example ø 305cm and ø 366cm) and also a maximum size and a jump surface. The maximum size is the size you need to take into account when you want to know if the trampoline fits in your garden. The jump surface is the space left on the jump mat after the springs have been covered by the padding. So, that is the part you can use to jump on.

Can I also order separate padding for my trampoline?

Yes, we have spare parts available for all our outdoor play equipment. Be aware though that when buying new padding, it is important to choose the correct trampoline series and size. Can’t find the spare part that you need? Let us know and we will be please to help you order the right part.

Note: EXIT paddings are only suitable for EXIT trampolines, not for trampolines of other brands.

How do I measure the length of my trampoline springs?

You can measure the trampoline spring with a measuring tape or rod. Detach the spring from the trampoline and measure the total length of the spring from the outside of the hook.