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Common questions about outdoor toys

Placing the trampoline

How much space do I have to keep free around the trampoline?

For all trampolines, we recommend keeping a space of two metres free around the trampoline. That prevents children from accidentally knocking against walls, hedges, fences or other objects when they bounce on the trampoline.

Can I dig in my trampoline on legs?

No, you cannot dig in a trampoline on legs, because the frame is not the same as a ground trampoline. The legs of the ground trampoline are shorter and the padding has a ventilation system, so that the air can escape underneath the trampoline while it is being jumped on. Read more about the differences between the ground trampolines and the trampolines on legs in our blog.

Can I turn my ground trampoline into a trampoline on legs?

No, the frame of the inground or ground level trampoline is not suitable for turning into a trampoline on legs. Read about the differences between inground trampolines and trampolines on legs in our blog.