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Common questions about outdoor toys

Trampoline safety tiles

How are safety tiles delivered to me?

Our safety tiles are delivered to your home by Dachser on one pallet. Please take into account that the tiles weigh about 8 kilograms each.

How should I place the EXIT Toys safety tiles?

The number, type and distribution of safety tiles differs per trampoline series and size. In the manual of your EXIT trampoline, you can find how to place the tiles around your trampoline. You can find manuals for all EXIT trampolines on our website under the product.

Do safety tiles need maintenance?

No, as soon as the safety tiles lay around the trampoline, you won't have to worry about them anymore.

In addition, the trampoline will be safe.

How do I prevent dirt from getting between the holes in safety tiles?

There is no possibility of dirt forming between the holes of the safety tiles, because these holes are filled with filler sand. Grass will grow in between so that eventually one whole will be created with the grass mat. The holes in the tiles will therefore not remain open.

Do you offer filler sand for safety tiles?

No, EXIT inground trampolines with safety tiles are not supplied with filling sand.

Are the safety tiles UV-resistant?

Yes, our safety tiles are UV resistant. The colour of the tiles will remain green. After a while, the tiles will also be out of sight: grass will grow through the holes of the tiles.

Is it possible to mow grass when you have safety tiles?

Yes, in the safety tiles of EXIT Toys there are holes through which grass grows. You can easily mow over the tiles with the lawnmower.