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Do I choose a round or a rectangular swimming pool?
03 May 2023

Do I choose a round or a rectangular swimming pool?

Doesn’t it sound fantastic: having a frame swimming pool in your own garden? Are you still having doubts about the shape of the pool? In this blog we’re lining up the benefits of a round and a rectangular swimming pool, so you can easily choose your favourite shape and EXIT swimming pool. For loads of water fun for the children, every summer day!

What to take into account

Of course it’s also a matter of taste, but when choosing between a round swimming pool or a rectangular pool there are more things to take into account. How many kids are going to splash and play in the new garden arrival for example. Are there adults who would also like to take a plunge in the refreshing water? And how much space can the pool take up in your garden?

The benefits of a round swimming pool

The round swimming pool is many people’s favourite. Because of its natural shape it’s a real eyecatcher in the garden. A round pool is nice and cosy to float in. If you have young children, then this shape is perfect for playing all sorts of games. Think of throwing the ball, doing circle games, or diving up toys from the bottom.


At EXIT Toys you can choose between six different sizes. The smallest round swimming pool has a diameter of 244 cm, while the largest pool has a diameter of no less than 488 cm. Our round swimming pools are available in heights of 76 and 122 cm. The 122 cm pool is standardly provided with a swimming pool ladder, which you can use to safely climb in and out of the pool.


As you can see, EXIT Toys has a suitable round swimming pool for every family, all ages, and each garden. Which round EXIT swimming pools suits you best?

Do I choose a round or a rectangular swimming pool?

The benefits of a rectangular swimming pool

The rectangular swimming pool is increasingly seen in gardens. This shape has a sleek look and can easily be placed in a corner. In addition, this pool offers fun for the whole family. This shape is also comfortable if you like to be sportive in your pool, like swimming laps.


Here you have the choice of four different sizes, varying from 220 x 150 cm to 540 x 250 cm. Our rectangular pools are available in heights of 65, 100 and 122 cm. The rectangular swimming pools of 100 and 122 cm are always provided with a pool ladder.


A first check: how much space do you have in your garden? Would you like a swimming pool for loads of splashing fun for the kids? Or do you have older children who want to have lots of fun swimming, just like you do on warm summer days? Here you find all rectangular EXIT swimming pools conveniently lined up

Do I choose a round or a rectangular swimming pool?

Unity in the garden

Are you still having difficulties choosing? Then have a look at the shapes in your garden. Do you have round flower beds and pots or is your grass lawn a square and the patio paved in a rectangular shape? For calmness and unity, you can have the shape of your pool fit the existing shapes in your garden. That way, besides being a lovely refreshing place on hot summer days, the pool also forms a beautiful accessory in your garden.

5 steps to your perfect swimming pool

Whether it’s going to be a round or a rectangular swimming pool: at EXIT Toys you can choose different models, sizes, and prints. All EXIT Toys swimming pools are firm, sustainable and offer years of (playing) fun. With our Swimming Pool Choice Aid you can see in which swimming pool you’ll feel like a fish in the water in 5 steps. Bring on the summer!

How can I easily setup my EXIT swimming pool?

Once you’ve received your favourite EXIT swimming pool, it’s time to set up the pool in your garden. To make this as easy as possible, EXIT Toys has lined up the most important steps for you in the blog about easily setting up a swimming pool.

Would you like to find out more? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any more questions about our swimming pools? Let us know, our customer service is here for you! Feel free to contact us through the chat, call +31 314 - 796 020 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We’re happy to help.

Do I choose a round or a rectangular swimming pool?
Written by: Carolien