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Common questions about outdoor toys
Pool filter pump
Do I need to use a filter pump for my EXIT swimming pool?

Yes, we always advise the use of a filter pump for EXIT swimming pools.

Which filter pump is the best for me?

You can choose a cartridge filter pump or a sand filter pump for our swimming pools. In our blog ‘What is the difference between a cartridge filter pump and a sand filter pump?’ you can read all about the differences between the different EXIT filter pumps.

Can I buy a larger filter pump for my swimming pool?

The swimming pools from EXIT Toys always have a matching filter pump included. Would you still prefer a bigger filter pump, then you can of course always install one yourself. The stronger the filter pump, the cleaner your water will stay. Please do take into account that the filter pump has a 32-millimetre connector.

Can I buy a swimming pool without a filter pump?

No, we only sell the swimming pools in combination with a filter pump. This way you can be sure that you will always have a suitable filter pump for your swimming pool.

How long should I let my filter pump run?

A filter pump works best if it is left on 24 hours a day, so the water quality remains the same.

Should I turn off my pool filter pump at night?

No, a filter pump works best if it stays on 24/7. This keeps the water moving and prevents the growth of algae and bacteria in the water.

Can the filter pump stay on when we want to take a swim in the pool?

No, when swimming we advise you to turn off the filter pump temporarily. Turn the filter pump back on as soon as you have stopped swimming.

How do I connect my sand filter pump/cartridge filter pump and possibly heat pump to my swimming pool?

With the action plan and the instructional images in this blog, connecting your pool pump(s) will be a piece of cake!

I can't get the adapters to connect to the inlet and outlet of my pool, what can I do?

The adapter, also called "strainer", sometimes is a bit difficult to insert in the pool wall. This can certainly be the case when the pool liner is cold. Our tip is to turn and push the adapter.

How do I use my EXIT Toys swimming pool sand filter pump?

You can read information about this and about the various functions of the sand filter pump here.

I did not receive the sealing ring of my sand filter pump, is this correct?

The sealing ring of sand filter pumps (in the manual numbered as 395072) is supplied as standard. Contrary to what the manual mentions this ring is not in the box, but already fitted in the edge of the pump.

How does the "backwash" function of my sand filter pump work?

In our blog we explain how the backflow function works.

I’ve bought a skimmer with my pool, what should I pay attention to when installing it?

In our blog we show you how to connect a skimmer and what to watch out for.

My sand filter pump is leaking, what should I do?

If your sand filter pump is leaking, follow the steps below:

  1. Check whether the tab of the cover fits properly in the groove of the pump.
  2. Check whether the red ring lies correctly in the cover.
  3. Are you using the "backwash" function of the pump to clean the sand? Then check if the dial on top of the lid (back) is unscrewed during the backwashing.

Does this not help? Then please contact our customer service.

Do you also sell filter cartridges?

No, EXIT Toys sells filter wadding which are suitable for sand filter pumps and cartridge filter pumps. The EXIT filter wadding ensure crystal-clear swimming water, are washable (at 30°C with a washing bag) and last up to two years. You can read about all the advantages of filter wadding in the here.

Do filter wadding fit in my filter pump?

You can use filter wadding for all the EXIT Toys swimming pool filter pumps to clean the water. The filter wadding consists of small fibres which catch even the smallest dirt particles, such as sand and algae. The wadding is also washable and can last up to three years. The EXIT filter wadding for the cartridge filter pumps comes with a layer of foam to prevent the wadding from getting into the pump system.

How much filter wadding do I need in my filter pump?

The entire contents of the box go into a sand filter pump: approximately 30 pieces. For cartridge filter pumps, a larger quantity of filter wadding than you need in one go is supplied. Fill the cartridge filter pump to the brim and press the filter wadding lightly. This way 7-8 filter waddings fit in a 300gal/h pump, 8-16 filter waddings fit a 530gal/h pump and 28-32 filter waddings fit a 800gal/h and 1000gal/h pump. The spa pump of EXIT Toys fits 7 filter waddings.

How does the foam for filter wadding work?

When using filter wadding in a cartridge filter pump it’s important to use the supplied foam bottom. This closes off the bottom of the pump. This prevents the filter wadding from entering the pump too far and causing the pump to fail. Place the foam bottom in the filter pump before installing the filter wadding. You do not need a foam bottom for a sand filter pump, which already has a filter plate.

How many amps do you need to operate the filter pump?

A filter pump uses between 0.35 and 4.0 amps. The standard current for most household electrical installations is 15 amps.

Is it a problem if the filter pump gets wet by swimming pool water or rain?

No, the EXIT filter pump is protected against light water drizzle. However, when a storm is expected we do advise you to cover up the filter pump temporarily.

I can't get my pool filter wadding to wash out completely, is this okay?

Filter wadding are easy to wash by hand or in the washing machine (at 30 °C and with a washing bag). Then they are ready for use again. The filter wadding will not be as white as they were before their first use.

What do the different operating modes of my sand filter pump mean?

In our blog ‘How does an EXIT sand filter pump work?’ you can read all about the different sand filter pump modes.